#selflove over all love❣

Thy shall respect yourself…

Respect is earned but not when were talking about ourselves. You should respect yourself & trust in yourself more than anybody. Everyday you should be brushing your teeth and bathing because you respect your body. When you look for a man he should respect you but never think it should be more than you respect yourself!

See, if he goes out and cheats then comes back and tells you he did that’s disrespectful! When you find out through others that’s also disrespectful. Not only did he betray your trust but at that very moment you should be realizing he doesn’t respect you. Once you make your mind up to stay you loose your self respect… This cycle will repeat until you get your self together and take back your self respect which was stolen from you. Yes, stolen because you wanted love or what you thought was love and let your guards down.


Sadly many will stay until they have only one smidget of respect left and with that they leave & it takes time to gain the confidence needed to pick yourself back up again. To grow consistently you have to leave the past alone and focus on your future only.

Don’t hurt yourself tryna hurt somebody else…

Many people will act out of hurt, pain, anger, and frustration. These emotions have no respect and they just randomly hurt innocent bystanders. You have to go somewhere away from others and heal. Cry because crying relieves pain. Write a letter to that person & don’t hold anything back! Your not going to allow anyone to see it, it’s just so you can relieve the pressure inside.

Whatever is killing you inside get it out, this type of stress is hard on the body & can eventually take you out! Talk to someone if that helps but don’t go crying all vulnerable into a situationship.🤦🏾‍♀️ Do not use your beautiful temple for payback! The biggest payback is staying yourself & growth, somebody gonna

Let’s talk about how stress kills…

Eventually that person will meet Karma and she don’t play around so stay out her way & remain humble.

Theres so much more to talk about!

Birth control & sexual desire aren’t friends
Being used by others will make you loose yourself
I stay ready to defend my honor👀
Confidence is a body armour💃🏾
Say it with your chest🗣

Life already shoots its shots so miss me with your bs…🙄

The power of words🤬

You ever find yourself being so angry at someone you say things you can`t take back? You want to apologize but that “ego” just to prideful. Ever heard the term “here today gone tomorrow”? This life is never promised! Many including myself have experienced it first hand!

I had a friend who was everything to me and because of both our feeling of each other being wrong we never got a chance to say sorry after a petty argument.😞 She was killed in a car accident!😭 The argument was so ridiculous I don’t even remember but what I do remember is her always being there.🙌🏾

Show the people you love just how much by apologizing…

Saying sorry is for grown folks.🤷🏾‍♀️ Once your grown you learn people mean more to you then petty arguments. Learn to talk to each other not over each other. Learn to compromise. Learn to Stress less it will weaken your brain, your heart, your ego, your ambition, and delete every goal you’ve thought of in your mind! Somebody has to be the *bigger* person, two angry midgets will never reach the top of anything together without assistance.🤦🏾‍♀️

Shamara 7/25/19

Make it worth it…🗣

To many people out here say they “love you” and “got your back” but really this worlds a jungle. Cold, heartless, souless, hungry, leech infested jungle with us as the prey. Recognize fake love & being used -vs- real love & forgiveness.💝 In conclusion just be ready at all times 2 shoot your shot & stand your ground if & only if “shots are fired” by fake love bullets!👀

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