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Heal your body, cure disease, break free from the destruction of toxins!!

Feel free to download my Lil book of toxins to better understand the importance of detoxing! Our bodies are exposed to so many toxins we would lose count if we added them up but being aware of the most obvious ones will better benefit your health.

Now what??! I know, I know…the solution!

Start with detox baths a couple of times a week.

Then, of course, we have to fast!

Fasting is a reset button for the body but if it’s always digesting food how can it begin to heal? Invigorating Miracle came to me one day, it’s the perfect name for how the body cures itself! I fasted for 21 days & my body lived off stored fat as the cancer cells starved off.

Did you know when you fast a natural healing process begins and old cells are thrown out & replaced with new ones? The only time this happens in the brain is when you fast. You can go your entire life without fasting & your brain’s neurons will just die with age never producing new ones.

Awareness is key to healing & living a healthy happy life. If you knew the food was festering in your colon, turning toxic, and your bloodstream was depositing it all through your body would you still consume it?

At a party a friend offers you diabetes cupcakes and cancer ice cream for your enjoyment, do you enjoy it? You see words have the power to influence your decisions and how much of something you understand. This is why it’s called “wordplay.” It plays games with your thoughts, emotions, desires, and can even tell you what makes you happy even though physically you hate it.

The medical field, food advertisements, retail companies, dairy companies, and any other company in it for an income will use “wordplay.”

Your minds a powerful weapon & once you read my books I’m convinced you’ll view things differently. I educate in a way many understand not just those who are in the industry. Understanding exactly how the body works, what it needs to function, how disease happens, and what you can do to prevent it will help you cure the cause & effect of an unhealthy lifestyle.

“I wish I had a chance to live my teen years over” is a phrase I hear so many of my clients say. I then ask them “how many days can you go without eating?”

They then pause & think, I never really hear anyone say more than the 3-day reboots I recommend.

Well let me put it like this…every 3 days you go with no food is a year back you’ve just set your biological clock, yes fasting reverses the aging process! It takes normally 3 days to reboot and start the cleaning process from the last meal you ate 3 days ago, depending on what it was! This could be up to five days depending on how hearty your appetite normally is.

So just think of the repairing of an old run-down house “you” people gave up on. Then one day the people who lived their “food” moved out. The city came in and tore it down, got rid of all the garbage inside & around it, purchased all brand new supplies, and rebuild the house. This is what happens when you go past three days! I only recommend this extended fast if your body needs to clean up to rid the body of disease-causing toxins, and damaged cells.

Learning how much time you should leave between consuming meals is critical to understanding disease, how it starts, how to prevent it, and how to cure it. Check out my book on digestion below!

Digestion is time consuming & disease results from being inpatient

Ladies, did you know you are the garden that Moses was describing in genesis? I will break it all down for you in my book “The feminine enclosure of pleasure” The old testament is a Hebrew book & when you start to research what has happened due to translations the book tells an entirely different story. I give praises to The Most High for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear. You can purchase this book below. This will reveal the importance of fasting for health.

The garden is the female body “reproductive energy”

Digestion +Body Language Interpretation + Fasting mixed all up in a single pot on high heat = awareness & cures galore!

Now this book right here I put my heart and soul into. I took nutrition, brushed up on my continuing education for nursing, paid for some psych classes as well as aromatherapy then took massage therapy. On top of that, I read the bible from beginning to end. I wanted to know how the body was made, nourished, and heals on its own. You hear these stories of patients with cancer wishing they would have never had chemo. or radiation. I have watched healthy young active patients decline at such a rapid rate you have to know it’s not the cancer that’s taking lives but the actual treatments!

Nobody can play god but we know some do try. My book is for those who have lost control of their impulse to control hunger, are looking to cure disease, mental health, infections, skin disorders, obesity, etc. If you are healthy, thriving, and happy fasting is just an option to increase your immunity and activate the body’s natural healing powers.

Fasting 4 Life Bundle w/o coaching assistance

Struggling with Cancer?

Chemotherapy and radiation is a huge money maker for the healthcare industry. You want to trust in what your oncologist tells you and I am sure many of them feel they are doing the right thing but introducing so many toxins into the body is dangerous. Did you know people are living years longer with cancer than they are after having chemo and radiation? Awareness is much needed, cutting a tumor causes it to go into another part of the body and infect it.

People will live three years after chemo and radiation but the death is never related, its things such as heart failure, lung failure, immune response shut down, never chemo therapy related death.

The stuff is made of mustard gas used as a weapon of mass destruction! I put a document together that you should print out and take to your doctor to discuss exactly what the risks are. If the benefits outweigh the risk, great but if not “just say no.”


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