Water Bottles increase enthusiasm & excitement in kids which encourages fluid intake💧


It’s summer time feeling like what I like to say “hell on earth”!

I’m so hot…

I have kids and we like to do lots of outdoor activities!

I seriously get tired of hearing “I’m thirsty”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired

Everything’s an argument or fight…#thestruggle

Kids love important things that belong to them!

My eight year old daughter actually drinks more water because she has her own cooltastic water bottle.

Kids won’t normally ask for a water break yet we know how important it is for them.

Allow your child to pick a water bottle they like but make it clear “no juice” strictly water!

Once schools open up again they will request parents purchase a water bottle for their child because kids are getting UTI’s.

More info on UTI’s here…

Take the water bottle on every trip that requires you to leave the home with your child. This will show your child the importance of always drinking water on the go. Parents you can now take the guesswork out of forcing water in the summer.

I try to make things easier for us parents.

Fill the bottle up then once it’s empty do it again, an easy way to monitor!

Water is so beneficial to happy healthy kids you should read more about it.

Check out this informative article💧

Amazon has a huge selection of water bottles the entire family will love!! No need to have to put on a mask and stand in line at the store. I was able to purchase expensive ones for my boyfriend & I and reasonably priced ones such as this for my kids. My daughter loves it because it is purple and it came with a cleaning wand for the straw.

As always your welcome! Xoxo

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