Want to make a living as a travel agent working from home?


Does any of this sound good to you before wasting your time?

  • Working from home.
  • Setting your own schedule and working as much or as little as you like.
  • Getting paid to help friends and family book their vacations… something you’re likely doing already.
  • Sharing your enthusiasm for cruising with others.
  • Being on the inside track to get great deals for your clients (and yourself!).
  • Cruising more often – because you get discounted (or free) travel.

If your answer is yes, please continue I’m so glad to be of assistance!

You’ve probably heard that travel agents are a dying breed and that everyone is booking their travel on the internet now.

Well…yes, a lot of travel is booked online… but what the statistics don’t tell you is that the vast majority of travel booked online is for airline FLIGHTS.

As a travel agent, flights are the #1 LEAST profitable product you can sell (usually, there is NO commission). So the fact that people are booking flights online should not concern you.

The reality is that most people research their travel options online, then contact a travel agent when they’re ready to book. For example, 70% of cruises are booked through a travel agent.

The biggest spenders in the travel market – baby boomers and older folks – dislike using the computer for business transactions, and prefer the personal touch.

These are the people you’ll be attracting as a home-based travel agent.

Ask yourself:

  • Do other people tell you that you should become a travel agent?
  • Do you love looking for good cruise deals online?
  • Do you love to travel?
  • Do you know someone in your community who’s a nice person but a lousy travel agent and you know that you could easily do a better job?
  • Have you been thinking about becoming a travel agent for a while now (possibly years) but never taken the step?

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions, then chances are that being a home-based travel agent would be a great fit for you!


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