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Fasting is actually the cure for reversing disease!

Fasting is actually the cure for reversing disease

Fasting is the body’s cleaning mechanism. The longer you fast the cleaner your insides will be. After the first three days, your hunger hormone resets itself. When you fast your body eats damaged cells that have lost the ability to self-terminate on their own. 

Once this takes place the body replaces the damaged cells with brand new ones reversing the aging process!

When I first started fasting I had no idea what I was actually doing!

As a nurse, I was taught to listen to the doctor and make sure my patient is taking their medications. At that time you could have never got me to listen to someone saying fasting is the actual cure for reversing disease! We really don’t touch much on nutrition and neither do doctors. 

Needless to say, those same medications many of my patients had no idea why they were taking in the first place. Many times they would get worst and so the doctor would just switch their medications in hopes another one will.

I would get so upset that insurance companies would want patients to try a medication that costs less no matter what just to see if it will work. If it doesn’t work then they will approve the medication the doctor wants to really prescribe. Meanwhile, the people making these decisions have no medical background whatsoever!!

Trust the system they say, well if that was what I did I would be dead right now…

The entire system is corrupt

I used to have to call these insurance companies and get meds approved by ugly means. I’m not proud of it but I felt bad for my patients and took my job seriously! This is why still today although I myself became a patient still remain true to the world. 

People need to come to terms with the fact that doctors go to school to treat not cure!! If you are trying to cure yourself of something Fasting is the actual cure for reversing disease!” If you are looking to feel better, understand the body, lose weight naturally, cure things you were told you could not then keep reading!

I cured myself not a doctor

I refused chemo and radiation for this reason “it’s what kills, not cancer.” (side effects of chemo and radiation)

After I cured my cancer I realized the body can heal itself if we just allow it to. This means giving up the meds once you realize they are prohibiting your healing efforts by confusing the body. Once you have a pill doing the job of a cell or organ it becomes lazy then weak. Fasting is the actual cure for reversing disease!

Our bodies give us two choices digestion or healing in our lifetime but never both at the same time. If you are consistently eating you are not allowing your body time for digestion. Digestion is the hardest job our bodies have to do consistently without us thinking about it.

Toxic Overload Syndrome

When we eat too much what I call toxic overload takes place in the colon. Meat can sit and fester for days, sending toxic nutrients to every cell in the body causing sickness. Unless you eat your meat raw, it produces deadly toxins that end up in the bloodstream once the meat is cooked.

Raw Meat

I had to re-educate myself

I went back to school for nutrition and I was blind but now I see!! I see why I got sick, why I was addicted to so many foods, why I could only use 10% of my brain, why I was so depressed and sick all the time…

Without further delay “the cure”

I wrote a book to help the world cure themselves too

I wrote it all down in a book for the world to benefit from as well! I also have a podcast to help people who have purchased my book not feel so alone.

Due to food being an addiction I even created a survival box for those just starting out on the path of their ancestors. Our ancestors fasted naturally when it was normal to have to kill your food before eating it. They ate what was naturally grown in nature in order to provide their bodies with the proper energy to sustain a healthy life. 

I always tell my clients if it doesn’t look like it did on the tree or growing from the ground the body does not recognize it as healing or even nutrient-rich. My health coaching site has some great nutrition pdf’s free to print or read online to better help you understand how dangerous poor eating habits can be!

Many of the issues you are faced with today, is due to consistently eating dead food to nourish live cells. This damages healthy cells which is the reason fasting is the cure for reversing disease.

Fasting is essential to life & healing!!

 Yes, indeed our ancestors fasted often. When they were killed the meat was consumed right away. Today it’s kept in stores and painted so that nobody can see how it’s turning brown! 

Sometimes our ancestors went two to three days without food and the sweetest thing they tasted was berries. This was before Europeans came over with sugar because after that doctors were very much needed!

Purchase Fasting 4 Life today and tomorrow start reversing the aging process, curing disease, regulating hormones, clearing up acne, dropping weight, and whatever else your mind desires!! When you stop thinking about food beautiful things begin to take place inside the body. Taking a break from digestion is the most rewarding thing you can do for your mind, body, and spirit!

Again, I am here for you! Please check out my health coaching site if you feel you need extra help with understanding, completing, and adopting a fasting lifestyle!

Sign up for my VIP Email Club then download your digestion reminder pdf! You can print it and put it in your Fasting 4 Life Binder to remind you to plan your meals accordingly!

I'm a health coach

Fasting is the cure!

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I am a fun-loving, motivated type of woman. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing was ever just given to me. I am a nurse, medical assistant, nutritionist, and have a diploma in aromatherapy. I love helping others but would like it to be on my terms and what I'm most passionate about. I love researching everything about the human body and how it works, shopping, whipping up herbal cures, making soap, and spending time with my family. When I fasted 21 days to cure cancer after refusing toxic chemo & radiation I was opened up to knowledge and wisdom!! I used parts of my brain for the very first time! I knew things I should not have if that makes sense!! You see they gave me 6 months but The Most High had other plans for my life. You see we are given a dirt body to hold the spirit but it also needs to be nourished. The Torah is God's words written by man and the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet are the same 22 amino acids in our bodies. The garden of Eden is "The feminine enclosure of delight." That is what it translates to in Hebrew and those rivers Moses described are a function of the female body. I have been chosen to heal Yahweh's dirt bodies and for that I am grateful! I write ebooks about the body that make it easier for others not in the field to understand, it’s all wordplay to mess with your psyche! I also make my own products to help people follow through with spiritual fasts to cure disease. Check out my store at I also promote self-love over at