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Is your pituitary gland suffering?

The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain and releases special hormones that regulate the activity of other glands. It is involved in controlling thyroid functions, the adrenal glands, growth, and sexual maturation.

The hypothalamus and the pituitary are tightly integrated. Together, they regulate all processes having to do with primitive reactions, such as:

  • stress
  • rage
  • flight
  • body temperature
  • thirst
  • hunger
  • sexual activity
  • survival in general


Sugar not only inhibits the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland but also shuts it down.

This gland is mysterious and powerful and has been referred to as our “spiritual antenna,” or “seat of the soul,” and, more commonly, the “third eye,” because it’s been said to provide us visibility into higher levels of consciousness.

When we are children, our pineal glands are open and as we age, they begin to calcify or shut down as a result of exposure to toxins and excessive quantities of certain hormones. People in countries where it’s common to eat a higher percentage of processed and refined food have much more heavily calcified pineal glands than others.

Alcohol, meat, fish, & fluoride, create excess acidity in the body, forcing your system to draw nutrients out of its tissues in an attempt to balance its pH. Sugar also increases epinephrine output, which causes dysfunction in the pineal gland by interfering with its natural production of melatonin.

Sugar is a danger to our health, spirituality, & happiness so just leave it in the store.


Posted in Struggling with Health Problems

The power of “pink Himalayan Salt”❤️

Pink Himalayan Salt is the most beneficial for having spiritual healing powers.

4 billion years in age it’s known as “white gold”

The salt is mined in a Salt Mines in Pakistan and has many helpful benefits to people like you and I.

I will name some off the top of my head….

  1. Improves Respiratory problems
  2. Improves sleep
  3. Detoxifies
  4. Balances PH
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Purifies the air
  7. Increases Bone Strength
  8. Reduces Leg Cramps
  9. Promotes vascular health
  10. Regulates water levels in the body
  11. Encourages increased absorption of food
  12. Promotes gall bladder and kidney health

When I had cancer I researched the benefits and changed from sea salt to the “pink Himalayan.”

I noticed the improvement in about two weeks!!

Grab a bag today!!

I made the switch and the results are eye opening truly.

Purchase using my link and I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I will get paid for promoting a product I love and already use so double score!!!

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Welcome to Daily Strugglies….xoxoxo

Welcome to Daily Strugglies