Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business Disclosure…

Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business Disclosure…

Have you ever heard of an Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business?💕

Basically, I am a consumer of products as most women are.😊

I purchase I experience & then I recommend… based off my personal experiences.😌

At any time if I recommend a product and give you a link to purchase the exact product that means I have partnered with that specific brand or company to promote a product I love.♥️ This means I use it myself😍

Should at any time you purchase a product on my blog I will receive a small advertising commission at no additional cost to you!😘

Anything I recommend pertaining to health is just that, a recommendation. Please understand I am a nurse, not a doctor.🤷🏽‍♀️

Yes, I healed my body and cured my cancer but I still don’t really understand exactly how. 😔 I fasted but everybody’s experience will be different based on age, health, physical and mental status, spirituality, etc.

I just personally know what has worked for me and my goal is to get the word out to others that your body is the true temple of GOD.💯💯

The body can heal itself if you allow it to do so. I have incorporated my own methods of what has worked for me along with extensive research.👌🏽

Thank you for your time and your support.

I know how precious time is and I know how many people don’t appreciate true support, well I do!


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