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Air fryer or Fat Fighter? How about Both?!


Who owns an air fryer?

I can not stress enough how good, juicy, tasty and fattening fried food is…why is it so!?!

I just want to enjoy my meals

I purchased an air fryer and will never look back at the deep fryer life I used to live!

My 13 year old makes the bombest chicken it turns out so moist every time…same setting lol

I get to relax as my kids prepare a stress free easy clean up no fire started meal

The air fryers patented technology has presented you with a way to get a nice crisp crust on your food while never drying the inside out #brilliant I know!

This is two chicken thighs no oil on 400 degrees for 20 minutes

I have tried air fryer recipes online but the best are the ones I’ve created using my imagination…delicious.

Have fun cooking with the entire family while not regretting all the extra fat & added calories they ingested.

I never ever use anything besides olive oil. #healthyfat

Without even thinking or trying you will notice the improvement in your health and weight…

Fried foods are the devil

I am a customer and fan for life!

I purchased mine along with my warranty at, they even have it in red I’ve had mine for a year now but as your shopping you’ll discover they have newer ones with better features!!

My latch wasn’t working so I contacted the company & they sent me a new improved one at no extra cost.

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