App Karma *free money*


So I heard you’re constantly on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. I also heard that a majority of the time you can be found playing games, watching videos, taking quizzes, browsing the web and all that kinda stuff. Nothing wrong with that but I couldn’t close my mouth when I found out you do it for FREE!!!

Yes, I do all that and more. The difference between us is I get rewarded every time!

Again, as you all have heard me say over and over my time is precious. I can not place a set amount on the cost if I were charging for it but it feels good knowing people value it!

Advertising companies appreciate your opinions and are willing to pay you for it. I mean they put together these apps and reward you for trying them out and at times leaving a review.

You don’t have to fill out an application or show up to any interviews. Just log onto your phone and download App Karma…

After you’ve downloaded the app browse the listings available….

What is *App Karma* and why would I download it to my phone?

*App Karma* is an *APP* that you download to your phone and you can watch videos, complete offers, play games, invite friends, ect while earning whats called *karma points*.

You are so smart, you guessed it….you trade the *karma points* in for gift cards or pay pal cash (this answers the why).

I understand some people like wasting time and if that is you I can not help you here. I am here to help those who value their time and want to be compensated.


Once an app is installed you become an employee so you have a job to do!

  • Your job is to open the app, play for a couple of minutes (a few levels), complete tutorial (if needed), create an account and verify (if needed).


Make it a habit to log in daily…..

Everyday log on to the app and receive 5 *Karma Points* just for logging in. Scroll down the list and see if there is anything interesting. Now if you just have a gift card in mind, look for anything with a high *Karma Points* payout. 

The *Activity Tab* will help with accuracy…

The activity tab will display all those who have received any type of offer. I use the activity tab to add up payouts that others are doing so I know there isn’t a problem.

Due to the app being in high demand some of the offers will stay on there but no longer be available….a good strategy I like to use again is the *activity tab*


Document everything you do on the app! (dates..times, ect.)

I can not stress enough the importance of writing everything down so you get every point you work for! I personally like the way they set up the badge area.

I am very competitive so I’m always eager to earn new badges, conquer new goals, challenge myself you know that kinda thing. 

Refer…. Refer…. Refer

Refer your friends to download *App Karma* to their phone and your friends will receive *300* free *Karma Points* for simply downloading the app.



So your friends are as excited about money as you are…

Now if your friend likes the app and decides to keep it and stack those gift cards up…whoo hoo you earn 30% of the sweat off their backs. Well not really, you will have to go to the gym if your plans are to sweat doing this type of lazy work… 


With that being said you should get started right away… right now….are you still there?

 Download now!


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