If the toilet’s dirty so is your girly pearl😯

Public restroom or dirty home?

Not much of a choice there right? Nope wrong, your toilet at home should not look like taco bells! I am just assuming with all that Mexican food it has to be quite the job to keep clean.

I swear I will stoop outside before I use a public toilet! I know sometimes you can’t help it but be careful who’s toilet you sit on. Toilets are infested with bacteria just waiting to infect you.😩 Have you ever been to a person’s house and felt differently about them after seeing the bathroom?! Men are less likely to get UTIs than women so they slack normally.🤷🏾‍♀️

Bacteria thrive in dirty atmospheres…

My ladies, I have to say I have been surprised at how some women keep their bathroom then expect to keep a man…ijs. Ugh, that’s just downright trifling! I’m sorry but you’re sitting with your girly pearl exposed to pure filth. We poop and pee everyday in this spot yet how often is it cleaned, honestly? For the best vaginal health the toilet should be cleaned ” every time it’s used.” You should just reuse toilet paper while your at it…

What you should be doing and what you are doing will be the difference in the amount of bacteria contained withing your toilet bowl, rim, seat, back..all that!

Every time you relieve your body of toxic waste you should be cleaning it. Your routine is probably…first you sit, then you relieve yourself, finally you flush, lastly you wash your hands. Sound familiar? I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) so my routine is sit, relieve, flush, wash hands then put on gloves and get to cleaning up my mess.

Allow me to share my routine with you…

I personally use disposable gloves, Clorox wipes, bleach, peroxide, and baking soda. At times I use my lysol spray for inside the toilet as well as toilet bowl cleaner. I get right to work using my bacterial wipes to clean the entire toilet (again OCD), then I take my brush out the bleach solution (I place it in the holder in a bleach solution) and clean the inside paying close attention to under the rim. I always make sure I have a toilet cleaning tab in my tank as well. Then and only then is it ready to be used again. Sometimes you may be in a hurry just remember before using it again it needs to be sanitized to prevent infection.

Stop & think with me…

bacteria busy having fun!

You sit down on an unclean toilet exposing your pearl to toxic filth. I can just imagine the pleasure bacteria feels when it gets to live on forever! Bacteria on, inside, and around the toilet.

Bacteria all over the toilet bowl brush. Bacteria on the toilet paper. Then bacteria inside you looking for a nice, moist, dark, warm and cozy place to call home…ugh Here comes the itching, discharge, swelling, smell, etc Your body tries to fight them off but every time you use your nasty toilet more join in.

About those frequent infections…

Many people are prone to getting UTI’s and they ask the doctor why only to hear “it happens.” Many of my patients were constantly refilling antibiotics for recurrent infections when they could just be missing an important factor to consider in their daily hygiene. Unless one has been researching, observing in healthcare, or taught many people just don’t think about it.

Life gets in the way along with kids using the bathrooms.😳 I have four so I know the struggle of keeping a bathroom clean with germ-infested kids on the prowl…lol This is where  *bathroom rules come into play. I type up a to-do list, place it in a decorative frame, and hang it in the bathroom for all to see.

Bathroom rules in a picture frame on the wall.

“Stunt” on your stress naturally.

The reason your constantly yelling at your kids.

Female contraception or home wrecker🤷🏽‍♀️


Take a unhealthy recipe & make it your own🤤

Recipe’s are templates meant to change however you see fit…

I enjoy cooking for my family and the smiles and laughter involved fills my soul! Recipe’s are a great way to experiment with food. The choices you make are entirely up to you but I encourage you to find recipes you can change up according to your lifestyle!

I’m a rebel I do as I please🤷🏾‍♀️

Who made the person who posted the recipe  the boss? Nobody they’re just sharing with you something they made and thought was delicious your taste buds may not agree or you may have to tweak it according to a healthy lifestyle.

Work with me here…



My “Mom Squad” Daily Planner♥️

Mom life can be Exhausting & Overwhelming

Being a mom is so stressful at times! I am a firm believer in daily to-do list when just trying to organize all the responsibilities in a typical day!

I’m talking appointments, after school activities, family days, meal planning, school routines, parent/teacher conferences, sports, and the list can go on and on depending on how active your child is.

I’m here for you…I create all my own planners and calendars so this is a mommy one that’s near & dear to my ♥️ and mommy binder!

Yes I’m that organized binder life chic…I need to see it written down I can’t work on technology.🤷🏽‍♀️

Print out your copy of my planner right here!


Every disease teaches a lesson but are you learning it?

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