Summer is here! Get your discounts & sales on at Shoespie.

I am such a discount shopper but why not be?

I swear I work so hard for my money.  Why would I splurge on overpriced underrated products?

I call myself a struggle queen for this very reason.  Just because I look nice and dress nice don’t mean I’m stupid enough to not make my money work for me… This queen doesn’t do broke so in order for me to feed my addiction to buying clothes, shoes, purses, sunglasses, accessories, socks, makeup, etc. Shall I stop there? I need to be able to budget for these impulse splurges! 

At times I can be minding my business then bam here comes the impulse to spend like $100 on workout clothes, like who does that? I guess me…lol I mean if I want it a girl gotta have it…

I have gotten so much better though… *shoulder shrug*

I have a serious problem, yes but I also work for my money so I should be able to treat myself here and there then there again…lol I am here to inform you that Shoespie has the sales and the styles I love while shopping on a budget!!

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