“Aromatherapy” a different kinda drug…


I’m so addicted…

Hi my name is Shamara and I am addicted to feeling good using a Diffuser & essential oils nice to meet you. Xoxo

So smells are my new thing and I thought I would share because sharing means caring, right? Essential oils are absolutely soul cleansing for those with built up stress, anxiety, pain, dealing with negative people or environments & so on…just let it go my friend!! My very first experience I was hooked #onehellofadrug

Prescribed pills never made me feel this great, plus the side effects were all positive ones.

  • Weightloss
  • Falling asleep naturally
  • Less pain
  • Less anxiety
  • Less stress
  • More energy
  • More patience with my kids
  • Ability to stay positive
  • Better decision making abilities
  • Less need for prescription meds
  • Hair growth
  • Skin detox
  • Beauty benefits

So as I was saying what do you have to loose?

Let me testify right here and now…hop scotch butterscotch makes me hungry but it also satisfies my sweet tooth I struggle with. Peppermint oil helps with multiple levels of pain. Rose oil regulates my skin and gets rid of blotches if you know what I mean it is also a great astringent for all skin types. Rosemary oil is another one I use for pain such ad headaches. Black pepper would be another pain reliever but for things like broken bones.

Tea tree oil cleared up my acne in only a couple days and it’s a natural at destroying bacteria. Pink grapefruit oil along with cinnamon oil helped me loose inches around my abdomen. Slim oil boosted my metabolism rather quickly. Orange and eucalyptus oil give me my morning pick me up like coffee but without the jitters. I also recently started making my own combination blends & I do have a favorite blend I like to call liquid xanax. I use it the most, especially over the last 6 months we have become very close, literally!! I don’t leave home without that or my mask!

I have a blend that cures cold & flu, allergies, asthma attacks, ect. A blend for rashes, to heal wounds, pinkeye, ect. I create my own lotions and perfumes using essential oils. I use oils in my laundry and in my cleaning supplies. I sprinkle oil on my rug and it helps keep my dog calm. Lavender cured my insomnia and my exzema as well as helped my hair grow. Multiple essential oils benefit the aging process and get rid of greys. Lemon oil faded my dark spots on my face beautifully. I can go on and it’s only been 2 years since aromatherapy changed my entire life! I got my Associates Degree in essential oil mixology because I love it so much!

Purchase a Diffuser for every room in your home…

Your home should be your sanctuary and if it’s not make it one!! Everyone needs a place to feel calm and relaxed. Ever been to a spa and didn’t want to leave, like ever?? That’s how my home is. lol As soon as you walk in my door the relaxing fragrance of lavender hits you were it feels good. I purchased 4 of my diffusers from Amazon and one from Scentsy. My Scentsy one was over $100 and works just the same as my affordable Amazon ones. My kids have fun ones in their rooms and they love playing with fragrances, they too get stressed.

Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business Disclosure…

Heal the mind, body, & soul♥️

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The stock market is for everyone

You ever see these people on tv with so much money and you wonder how they got it without aging? Stress will age you so fast like working at a job you hate for 20 + years. You see people that are young in age but old in looks and posture due to not changing their situations. Many people are very skilled at the stock market but I regret to inform you, I am not one. I have made some liveable money off of stock market apps such as Robinhood. Robinhood is easy and fuss-free for busy moms just like me. They even have an awesome referral program you can take advantage of to earn extra money as well.

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I am so confused about stocks

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