Daily Strugglies “Detox Bath”


Detox Bath

A detox bath is a way of removing harmful toxins from the body. Toxins don’t just show up in the chemical form, but also in the form of stress, tension, and constantly being attached to our phones day and night (social media, email).

All of this can & will take a toll on our bodies. The skin is our largest organ so soaking in a warm bath is a great way to sweat, draw out toxins that have built up, and just relax.

A detox bath is a way to relax, recharge, and “detox” from all the things that may be pulling you in a million different directions these days.


  • Epsom salt
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Baking soda
  • 1/2-1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • Grape seed oil


D.I.Y Bath Salts to replace Epsom salt, oil and essential oil

First, you’ll need to make the bath salts. To do this, you’ll need a jar and 4 cups of Epsom salt or sea salt (or a combination of both Epsom salt and sea salt to equal 4 total cups), 1 Tablespoon of a  nourishing carrier oil, and 5-20 drops of lavender and peppermint essential oil.

Pour your salt of choice into the storage jar. In a small bowl, combine the nourishing oil of choice and essential oil of choice (between 5-20 drops, depending on aroma desired). Pour the oil blend into the bath salts and carefully stir to blend everything together. Seal the jar and store away from direct sunlight.

Enjoy a detox bath…

  1. To take a detox bath, fill a bathtub with very warm water. Of course, use common sense when it comes to the temperature of the water.


  2. While the tub fills with water, add your bath salts. (The essential oils will begin to evaporate in the warm water when you do this, but I find they’re still worth adding to the bath salts.) I like to add around 2 cups per bath, but you can go as low as 1 cup. The bath salts should fully dissolve in the bath. You might need to use your hands to swish the salts around until fully dissolved.


  3. Add the apple cider vinegar to the bath water.


  4. I normally soak in the tub for about 20 minutes. You and I are different so please do what works best for you. The goal is to reach a state of relaxation. You stressing out about timing isn’t going to help you get in the mood so set the time aside for yourself to actually enjoy the bath.


  5. While soaking, be sure to drink plenty of water (preferably room temperature water since you’re in a hot bath). You will sweat that is normal so use your best advice if you start to feel sick & get out. Some people may only need a five minute detox, our lifestyles are different therefore the time we need to soak will differ.


14 ways to overcome a struggle…


Struggling is a part of life

Why is it when people are struggling they have to find others to blame? That does not resolve anything it only creates a bigger problem than the one your dealing with. Saying sorry doesn’t mean it was your fault it just means you accept your responsibility in the matter. Many minor problems end up in war due to miscommunication. Everyone is different. Just because I cry when I’m emotional does not mean I am soft and if I didn’t cry it wouldn’t mean I’m hard. Just as we deal with emotions in a different manor struggling is the same.

Admit your struggling & get some help

Just because your not perfect at everything that does not give you the right to give up on your future self. Be confident, weigh out the consequences of your actions, always smile when you make eye contact, support your vision and straighten your path. If you can not help yourself then you should ask someone to help you. People are out in the world craving to help others succeed believe it or not, everybody isn’t all bad. Here’s the thing, a closed mouth won’t get fed and the same goes for your closed mouth. How will you ever get fed by being afraid to ask for help. Asking for help is a strength many do not process, it means you refuse to give up no matter what others think. Kids are constantly asking questions no matter how annoying we tell them they are being. I bet the smartest kids never stop asking questions…

Struggle in silence & nobody will know where to set booby traps…

Some people air all their business out on social media as if the people care. The platform is for entertainment purposes only. When people say “pray for me” I always wonder if an enemy saw the post and prayed in the opposite path of healing. Words have power which is why in my home we never use the word “hate.” My point is, not everybody is your friend, on your team, or rooting for your come up. Tough times and tough situations usually reveal these people. Some people come around for a good time and when your money is gone, so are they. Beware the world is full of leeches & family can be the worst ones.

Admit it & move On…

Time to admit your struggles. First find 3 things your struggling with using my worksheet. Write down all 3. Next find 3 solutions to those problems by using my workbook. Read through it and you can use my advice to overcome your current struggles.

Click here for my 14 solutions to a struggle workbook

“Stunt” on your stress naturally.

Feeling “used” lately?







Love thyself offensively….


A gift of love, encouragement, & support to each and everyone reading this. Endure until the end & you shall save yourself…

Do not allow what is going on in the world to scare you. Turn off the t.v., do a social media cleanse for 1 week just to allow your thoughts to rest.

  • No FB, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, TikTok, etc.
  • Tell your family & friends you don’t want to talk about the virus, the end times signs, the president, ect.
  • Only answer important phone calls
  • No news channels

You can not control any of it so control yourself. Control your emotions. Control your surroundings. Control the image you see all around the world that keeps replaying in your mind. Replace those images with the change you want to see in this world. Guess what, that starts with you.

Change is a struggle but so is the lack of love & respect many people lack…

Package yourself up like the prize you are and recieve every opportunity to glow above all the days prior to today. Receive the gift of relaxation, abundant energy, & restful sleep. Allow your positivity to overcome all the negative vibes you been smothered by lately. Turn off the news, read a mind blowing book. Start your own business online, create an invention to make others lives easier during these times, write down a list of monthly goals. Take a Enjoy a Daily Strugglies “Relax Bath” to ease your fears, sooth your muscles, and rock your worries to rest. Ever used essential oils? Now is a perfect time to check out my blog post “Aromatherapy” a different kinda drug…

I can teach you how to combat those pesky, annoying, stressful vibes that been pecking at your inner soul. We all know misery loves company so never be afraid to eat alone. Rid negative energy from around you! Create a playlist of music to devote to every mood that represents your life.

Let us try a mirror exercise…

Go in front of a mirror while reading this.

Nobody is watching so strip yourself of the old you and let it blow away in the gusty unatural wind. Change is easy when your ready but what is a challenge some may say quite difficult to do?? Giving up on you…

Turn your back on toxicity, sell all the junk you never use, throw out all the nasty trash, bottle up the lies and comitte yourself to telling the truth.

One day at a time it’s you in the lead, seek & you shall find that you are all you will ever truly need!! Just trying to stunt on the old struggle queen…

Heal the mind, body, & soul♥️

Fasting reboots the body to “factory Settings”

Nobodies Perfect but I’m perfect for me…



“Aromatherapy” a different kinda drug…


I’m so addicted…

Hi my name is Shamara and I am addicted to feeling good using a Diffuser & essential oils nice to meet you. Xoxo

So smells are my new thing and I thought I would share because sharing means caring, right? Essential oils are absolutely soul cleansing for those with built up stress, anxiety, pain, dealing with negative people or environments & so on…just let it go my friend!! My very first experience I was hooked #onehellofadrug

Prescribed pills never made me feel this great, plus the side effects were all positive ones.

  • Weightloss
  • Falling asleep naturally
  • Less pain
  • Less anxiety
  • Less stress
  • More energy
  • More patience with my kids
  • Ability to stay positive
  • Better decision making abilities
  • Less need for prescription meds
  • Hair growth
  • Skin detox
  • Beauty benefits

So as I was saying what do you have to loose?

Let me testify right here and now…hop scotch butterscotch makes me hungry but it also satisfies my sweet tooth I struggle with. Peppermint oil helps with multiple levels of pain. Rose oil regulates my skin and gets rid of blotches if you know what I mean it is also a great astringent for all skin types. Rosemary oil is another one I use for pain such ad headaches. Black pepper would be another pain reliever but for things like broken bones.

Tea tree oil cleared up my acne in only a couple days and it’s a natural at destroying bacteria. Pink grapefruit oil along with cinnamon oil helped me loose inches around my abdomen. Slim oil boosted my metabolism rather quickly. Orange and eucalyptus oil give me my morning pick me up like coffee but without the jitters. I also recently started making my own combination blends & I do have a favorite blend I like to call liquid xanax. I use it the most, especially over the last 6 months we have become very close, literally!! I don’t leave home without that or my mask!

I have a blend that cures cold & flu, allergies, asthma attacks, ect. A blend for rashes, to heal wounds, pinkeye, ect. I create my own lotions and perfumes using essential oils. I use oils in my laundry and in my cleaning supplies. I sprinkle oil on my rug and it helps keep my dog calm. Lavender cured my insomnia and my exzema as well as helped my hair grow. Multiple essential oils benefit the aging process and get rid of greys. Lemon oil faded my dark spots on my face beautifully. I can go on and it’s only been 2 years since aromatherapy changed my entire life! I got my Associates Degree in essential oil mixology because I love it so much!

Purchase a Diffuser for every room in your home…

Your home should be your sanctuary and if it’s not make it one!! Everyone needs a place to feel calm and relaxed. Ever been to a spa and didn’t want to leave, like ever?? That’s how my home is. lol As soon as you walk in my door the relaxing fragrance of lavender hits you were it feels good. I purchased 4 of my diffusers from Amazon and one from Scentsy. My Scentsy one was over $100 and works just the same as my affordable Amazon ones. My kids have fun ones in their rooms and they love playing with fragrances, they too get stressed.

Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business Disclosure…

Heal the mind, body, & soul♥️

Calm down with all natural lemon balm…

Fasting reboots the body to “factory Settings”

“Stunt” on your stress naturally.

Rid negative energy from around you!

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