Claustrophobic Much?


Did you know that if you smell a green apple while in a confined space it will relieve your stress?


Crazy as it sounds research has proven time and time again this is true!

If you have to be confined somewhere grab a green apple take a bite and sniff.

You can even have the scent from a candle burning it will also do the trick if the smell is strong enough…try it!

I personally have scented wax blocks that smell like apples.



When I go into closed in spaces at home it no longer bothers me. xoxox

I have not tried this in public though if you have… please tell me your experience.


Your not immune from a *struggle* sorry….


So you heard Kayla got divorced and Kara lost her job cause her baby daddy left and she couldn’t afford childcare!

Guurrllll Latisha was ubering it on Friday…what happened to that nice car she had? 

Malaysia was spotted on the bus this am can you believe it! 

Dave and Tyquan gettin high on their own supply!

In case you Heard it Here First Folks *we all struggling in some way* so stop talking down on each other

 I’m just starting my blogging journey but I genuinely am honestly looking forward to the adventures it takes me on! 

People are always asking me …what I do to earn an extra income, or how I did certain D.I.Y. projects, how I cured my cancer, how I lost weight Ect. Ect.

I am a people person all day and love supporting and encouraging others achievements so this should be right up my ally…..

Daily Struggles are all around us and some examples are…..

Struggling isn’t racist, struggling isn’t patient, loving, forgiving none of that so you can’t avoid it in life.  You can take it up 10 notches from trashy to classy don’t get me wrong.

There are people struggling and too ignorant to even know… so yes this is more serious than society wants to admit.

Good thing I am willing to be the *worlds* struggle queen

I’m saying struggling can be done hood style or White House style

I prefer “White House Style” BT *Before Trump* so prepare to be wowed as I struggle ever so irresistibly and share my experiences with the world….stay tuned your not gonna wanna miss a sizzling second!

*Relax now your with me & I got us*


Meditate your Daily Stress Away….


Meditation is so important yet many people have no idea how to or don’t care to try!


Find a comfy/cozy spot to lie down or sit, whatever helps you relax the most.


Step 1

Start off by taking five nice and slow deep breaths in and out….relax. As you breathe in focus on filling your lungs with air until you see your chest expand. While breathing out, let all those negative thoughts and feelings you have right now just disappear. Right now it’s just you and only you, no worries. Allow the tension to just melt away like chocolate in a hot car in the summer. This is the first step and will help prepare your body for the exercise ahead.


Step 2

Concern yourself with you and nobody else at this moment in time.So how are you feeling, be honest with yourself….if not you then who will? So you are not quite there yet, repeat step one until you are. Relaxation is not to be rushed so please take your time getting there. This part will differ from person to person, some of us just naturally can’t handle stress at all.

You can’t control or rush sleep naturally so this is the same thing you can’t rush how fast your body relaxes. Thought rushing through your mind, no worries you would be dead if they weren’t! Just, for now, let us allow nature to take its course. rush relaxation, you cannot rush sleep, so take your time with this part of the exercise.

Most importantly don’t fight the feeling, it is the body’s natural way of calming down and reflecting. Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to resist the thoughts, no matter how unsettling or uncomfortable they may be.


Step 3

Now ask yourself three important questions as you wrap your arms around yourself as if to give yourself the hug you been needing today. Your eyes should be closed and you should be feeling more at ease.


  1. What do I love the most about myself?
  2. What makes me happy?
  3. What is my favorite childhood memory?


With these three questions controlling your thoughts and those three alone, your mind should be filled with pleasantness.


Breathing is key but there is not really a correct way as long as your breathing naturally. Do this anytime and anywhere to control those negative thoughts and energies attacking you!

Meditation is self-love. A woman on a deck with her arms out meditating.



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