I use black seed oil to cure basically everything!


Come check out my cabinet….do you see the “black seed oil”?


So many published articles regarding this magical oil but yet so many people are absolutely unaware it even exists!

The black cumin plant is native to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean, and Africa.

With virtually no side effects, the healing powers of black seed oil — derived from black cumin seeds— is actually quite unbelievable, and it boggles the mind that most people have never even heard of it!

How about you answer me this…besides death what doesn’t black seed oil cure?

I fasted while using black seed oil for 21 days and cured a stage 3 brain tumor.

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What Is Black Seed Oil?

  • Black seed oil is made from the seeds of the black cumin (Nigella sativa) plant, which belongs to the ranunculus family (Ranunculaceae).
  •  Known for centuries for its aromatic and flavorful seeds that can be used as a spice or as herbal medicine.
  • Black seed oil is also commonly called black cumin seed oil. Be careful, as black seed should not be confused with true cumin (Cuminum cyminum), black pepper, black sesame or black cumin.

Quite possibly, the most promising research has been done connecting Nigella sativa to multi-drug resistant bacteria. This is a really big deal because these so-called “superbugs” are becoming a significant public health risk!

  • Strains of bacteria and viruses that are antimicrobial-resistant are becoming virtually impossible to treat, including HIV, staphylococcal, tuberculosis, influenza, gonorrhea, candida and malaria.
  • Between 5 percent to 10 percent of all hospital patients develop an infection from superbugs.
  • More than 90,000 of these patients die every year, up from 13,300 patient deaths in 1992.
  • People infected with superbugs typically have longer hospital stays, require more complicated treatment and don’t recover as well.

The lightbulb activation to understanding why black seed oil benefits the body in such an amazing way is because it’s rich in three key natural chemicals: thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ) and thymol.

The Power Behind Black Seed Oil Benefits: Phytochemicals

In an effort to offer a solution to the growing antifungal resistant problem people have with yeasts and molds, a recent study was conducted with the purpose of determining if Nigella sativa seed oil could help. Scientists have done what they do best #reseach and here is what was discovered…

  • Each compound showed 100 percent inhibition for the 30 pathogens evaluated.
  • Thymoquinone was the best antifungal compound against all of the tested dermatophytes and yeasts, followed by thymohydroquinone and thymol.
  • Thymol was the best antifungal against molds followed by TQ and THQ.

What this study tells us is that Nigella sativa oil carries a very unique chemical constituency that is not only effective individually, but more importantly also collectively. Essentially proving that fungus and molds cannot exist in the presence of these phytochemicals, it is no wonder why researchers are seeking to solve the superbug problem with black seed oil.

Thymoquinone: is an active ingredient in the black seed. It is well-known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties that have been reported to help with encephalomyelitis, diabetes, asthma, and carcinogenesis.

Interestingly, thymoquinone acts as a free radical or an effective superoxide radical scavenger,  and greatly aids in cellular antioxidant defense support because they protect the liver from toxins!

Thymohydroquinone is being used to treat multiple diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Autism
  • Glaucoma
  • Dementia
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Neurodegenerative conditions
  • Postural tachycardia syndrome
  • Schizophrenia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Exzema

Thymol is the active ingredient that gives thyme essential oil its medicinal properties, thymol is a natural monoterpene that holds a number of useful qualities such as:

  • It is commonly used as a tuberculocide and virucides to kill TB and various viruses.
  • It is used as a medical and general-purpose disinfectant.
  • It is a rapidly degrading, non-persisting pesticide.
  • It is also used in food flavorings, perfumes, mouthwashes, and even cosmetics.

These incredible phytochemicals lead to all kinds of amazing black seed oil benefits that are curing diseases, eliminating symptoms and relieving pain.

Important Black Seed Oil Benefits to Keep in Mind!

1. Helps Fight Cancer

Thanks to its potent phytochemicals and antioxidant capabilities, black seed oil has been shown to help in recent years induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in leukemia cells, breast cancer cells, and brain tumor cells. #bettagetyousome

2. Promotes Liver Health

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Nearly every toxin gets processed through the liver, and the bile from the liver is the key to digesting fats and keeping your mind and body happy and healthy.

For those that have struggled with poor liver function due to medication side effects, alcohol consumption or disease, black seed oil could greatly speed the healing process. #bettagetyousome

3. Combats Diabetes

Black seed oil “causes gradual partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells, increases the lowered serum insulin concentrations and decreases the elevated serum glucose.”

This is actually quite profound because Nigella sativa is one of the few substances on the planet that is suggested to help prevent both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

In fact, according to the study, black seed “improves glucose tolerance as efficiently as metformin; yet it has not shown significant adverse effects and has very low toxicity.” This is huge because metformin, one of the most commonly prescribed type 2 diabetes drugs, can cause a wide slew of side effects, including:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Gas/indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Headache
  • Nail changes
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Muscle pain
  • Stomach pain

4. Aids Weight Loss

Black seed oil weight loss claims actually do have some science behind them. The Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders published a study systemically reviewing the literature for plants that have anti-obesity properties and discovered that black seed oil was among the most effective natural remedies on the planet.

In 2018 Scientists discovered black seed supplements lower body weight. Supplementation was also shown to decrease body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. It’s also important to note that there were no serious side effects of black seed supplementation reported in any of the studies.

5. Protects Skin

In a study conducted by Iranian researchers, Nigella saliva was found as effective as the skin cream Betamethasone in improving quality of life and decreasing the severity of hand eczema.  As long as you don’t have an allergic reaction to black seed oil, it does not come with a laundry list of terrifying side effects like conventional creams.

Betamethasone, for example, may cause swelling in your face or hands, swelling or tingling in your mouth or throat, chest tightness, trouble breathing, skin color changes, dark freckles, easy bruising, muscle weakness, and severe attention. Weight gain around your neck, upper back, breast, face or waist is also in the realm of possibility.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather use something natural on my skin like black seed oil.

6. Benefits Hair

In addition to being a natural skincare aid, there are also black seed oil benefits for hair. Not surprisingly, black seed oil is often featured on lists of natural ways to boost hair and scalp health in numerous ways.

Since it contains nigellone, shown by research to be an impressive antihistamine, it may help with hair loss due to androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata. With its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help the health of the scalp in general, discouraging dandruff and dryness, and improve hair health at the same time.

7. Treats Infections (MRSA)

Of all the superbugs that black seed oil can kill, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the most important. MRSA is plaguing hospitals and nursing homes across the globe because ordinary staph infections are becoming resistant to generic antibiotics.

The elderly population is especially at risk because it is generally associated with invasive procedures, such as surgeries, intravenous tubing, and artificial joints.

Primarily due to weakened immunity, the growing population of senior citizens has made MRSA a global public health risk.

Thankfully, one of the strongest black seed oil benefits may help. Pakistan scientists took several strains of MRSA and discovered that each one was sensitive to N. sativa, proving that black seed oil can help slow down or stop MRSA from spreading out of control.

8. Improves Fertility

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluated whether or not black seed oil could help infertile male subjects with abnormal sperm. The control group orally took 2.5 milliliters of black seed oil while the placebo group received the same amount of liquid paraffin twice a day for two months.

What did researchers find? The results revealed that the black seed oil group had improvements in their sperm count as well as sperm motility and semen volume.

Researchers also reviewed studies that took place between 2000 and 2014, and overall, they concluded that black seed can “positively influence sperm parameters, semen, Leydig cells, reproductive organs, and sexual hormones.”

9. Balances Cholesterol

 After a six week trial of given the diabetic test subjects, a low doses of the black seed, total cholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and glucose levels all came down while HDL (“good”) cholesterol increased. 

Another trial revealed people who took the black seed supplement had their systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure decrease in “a dose-dependent manner.”  Additionally, the black seed extract supplement caused a “significant decline” in both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Black Seed Oil Uses

A simple yet incredible seed that can be used in so many different ways!!

For starters, black cumin oil can be used topically, but always make sure to dilute it with a few teaspoons of

carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. Once diluted, it can help with common skin concerns like acne and eczema thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some people also find it helpful for psoriasis and rosacea.

It can easily be added to homemade massage oils and lotions to experience the many black cumin seed benefits. For a warming massage, simply add one drop to one tablespoon of carrier oil.

To boost hair and scalp health, a few drops of oil can be added to hair products like shampoo and conditioner. If you enjoy making homemade fragrances with essential oils, it’s good to know that black seed oil has a peppery scent and works well as a base note.

With its spicy flavor, a high-quality (100 percent pure, therapeutic grade and certified USDA organic) black seed oil can be used in all kinds of recipes from meat main courses to soups and stews. You can also add it to beverages like chai tea latte and smoothies.

A premium black seed oil option should always be 100 percent pure, therapeutic grade and certified USDA organic. Some companies also specify that their black seed oil is cold-pressed, which typically means that the oil is extracted from the Nigella sativa seeds without the use of heat from an external source resulting. Sometimes, cold-pressed oils are said to be more flavorful.

If you don’t like taking liquid supplements, you can also find black seed oil capsules.

The appropriate black seed oil dosage can vary by individual and health status. At this time, there is no standard dosage, but the following dosages by mouth have been studied in scientific research to date:

  • For diabetes: 1 gram of black seed powder take twice a day for up to 12 months.
  • For high blood pressure: 0.5–2 grams of black seed powder daily for up to 12 weeks or 100–200 milligrams black seed oil twice daily for eight weeks.
  • To improve sperm function: 2.5 mL black seed oil twice daily for two months.
  • For asthma: 2 grams of ground black seed taken daily for 12 weeks. Also, 15 mL/kg of black seed extract has been used daily for three months. A single dose of 50–100 mg/kg has also been used.

Precautions and Possible Black Seed Oil Side Effects 

Black seed may cause an allergic rash when taken by mouth or applied to the skin. Before using black cumin essential oil topically, it’s a good idea to perform a patch test to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction to the oil. Always avoid your eyes and mucous membranes when using black seed oil.

When taken internally, black seed oil side effects may include upset stomach, vomiting, or constipation.

As with all essential oils, make sure to store your black seed oil away from heat and light and out of the reach of children.

It also regulates hormones which cures insomnia


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