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Detox Bath

A detox bath is a way of removing harmful toxins from the body. Toxins don’t just show up in the chemical form, but also in the form of stress, tension, and constantly being attached to our phones day and night (social media, email).

All of this can & will take a toll on our bodies. The skin is our largest organ so soaking in a hot bath is a great way to sweat, draw out toxins that have built up, and just relax.

How To Take A Detox Bath:

1. Fill tub with hot water.  Expect to sweat!

1. Grab a glass of filtered water to have close by.  Stay hydrated during and after the bath.  Light a few candles for ambiance while the bath is filling up.

2. Expect to sweat!  You should start sweating within the first few minutes.  Remember to drink that water!

3. Get out of the tub slowly.  You might be light-headed so take it easy.

Follow a detox recipe don’t just go throwing all kinds of products in the tub!

DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

Sophisticated Sexy Bath Bomb Recipe -- CLONED

So the time has come to really start to focus on skincare & health overall. Please feel free to use my bath bomb recipe that has kept my skin looking and feeling great over the years. We try to eat healthily, exercise, get routine check-ups, and so much more but when is the last time you thought "skin."

Skin is the biggest organ of your body and the first defense you have to outside pollutants and contaminants. A detox bath is a must to incorporate into any beauty routine...xoxo

Citric Acid

  • Treats uneven skin tone
  • Unclogs clogged pores
  • Natural remedy for sun tan skin
  • Helpful in curing wrinkles

Corn Starch

  • Reduces the symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • Vanishes oily spots
  • Stops inflammation from bug bites
  • Kills the parasites that cause athletes foot
  • Detangles hair

Almond Oil

  • Purges the skin of toxins, opening up pores and retaining moisture that blocks the entry of dirty microbes. 
  • Soothes sore puffy eyes
  • Loaded with vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that assists in maintaining beautiful skin as we age.
  • Properties of the oil keep the skin's moisture levels balanced, can rejuvenate the scar tissue, and can possibly even out the color and texture the healing process left behind. 
  • Great for cleaning your pores of impurities, dirt, and unnecessary oils.
  • Fatty acids found in sweet almond oil helps the skin retain moisture and keeps it hydrated 
  • The zinc content can help smooth rough, calloused skin 

Cream of Tarter

  • Detoxifying properties help in destroying the free radicals with the antioxidants present in it and keep the skin acne-free
  • Antibacterial 
  • Can change the pH level of the urine helping to treat UTI's
  • Ability to relax our body and mind due to magnesium content
  • provides alkalinity to the body treating bacterial infections

Sea Salt

  • Restores skins natural balance
  • Deeply cleans pores preventing acne
  • Increases blood circulation and removes dandruff buildup
  • Helps fight bacteria
  • Restores the protective barrier in the skin preventing wrinkles
  • Smoothes skin exfoliates

Baking Soda

  • Deals with Scaley Skin
  • Soothes Itchy Skin
  • Calms Inflammed Skin
  • Exfoliates
  • Brightens Complexion
  • Softens Calluses
  • Handles Sweaty Skin
  • Neutralize ph levels that help prevent vaginal odor

Coconut Oil

Provides deep and real moisture for our skin and hair


  • Prevent and Treat Acne

  • Remove Makeup

  • Treat Razor Burn

  • Reduce Eye Puffiness and Under-Eye Bags

  • Tone Skin

  • Treat Oily Skin

  • Use Witch Hazel after Waxing

  • Reduce Scars and Stretch Marks

  • Moisturize Dry, Itchy Skin

  • Remove Hair Dye from Skin

Beet Root Powder

Great for digestive health

Wild Orange Essential Oil Benefits

  • Reduces anxiety and depression.

  • It acts as a diuretic.

  • Treats acne.

  • Eases cramps.

  • Use it as an antiseptic mouthwash.

  • It will act as a mild sedative.

  • Eases a sore throat.

  • It is great for the skin.

  • Freshens up the home.

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

    Rose Essential Oil

  • Has Anti-Aging Properties.

    Fights Acne And Improves Facial Skin.

  • Helps Lighten Skin.

  • Helps Treat Various Skin Ailments.

  • Helps Heal Burns And Bruises.

  • Heals Dry And Cracked Lips.

  • Enhances Eyelashes.

  • Can Reduce Stretch Marks.

  • Can Treat Joint Pains.

  • Improves Nail Health.


Blend all dry ingredients in a bowl.

Blend wet ingredients in another bowl.

Combine all ingredients together

Place in the mold of your choice or just form a ball about 1–2 inches in diameter.

Allow the bath bombs to dry for approximately 1–2 days.

To use, place a bath bomb in the bath.

To store, place in an airtight container. Storing in the refrigerator can allow the bath bombs to keep for about 3 weeks. Enjoy!! xoxo


I added food coloring and flowers to pull off the overall look but you do not have to do this, just pop it in your running tub water & enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

About those toxins & the buildup…

I put together an actual book of toxins you’re exposed to every day that you may not even think about. Many people are exposed to all of them causing some pretty horrible symptoms. Please review the symptoms this may explain a lot of your complaints at the doctor’s office!

Use my recipe for a ginger tea detox bath…

Purchase all your products from Amazon, I do…

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