“Family Night” & “The Struggle”….


I’M *JUST* going to *DIVE* right into this!

Family night with your kids is much-needed after a long stressful week of working the 9-5 life.

  • Some are working and going to school.
  • Others are working, going to school, and have to come home and compensate for an absent parent. (That is my category right there)...😫

Parenting is a loopy, curvy, swervvy road that never ends….ever!

I would have to say “your lil broke best friends are leeches as well”…lol

The other night we were having a family night and O.M.G everyone was hungry!!! I then realized I forgot to take out dinner…😟😬

Boy was I gonna be jumped by four hungry hippos!!!! 😭😭😭

Us good parents have mastered the art of multitasking.😉

I had to be quick on my feet and needed something in my budget…..well low and behold, I discovered Door Dash🙏🏾

We can order takeout that’s not pizza😯 Door Dash saved my life😂😂😂🙌

Get door dash and relax tonight!

You should try DoorDash…. its the best way to get delivery from your favorite restaurants without breaking the bank. Say you enjoy not having to cook, just pay $9.99/month and your delivery fee is waived!

*Let me clarify that*… if your orders are over $15 you get *free delivery*. and in my home they always are.


Since I am a *Struggle Queen*, I take advantage of *referral programs* and my kids enjoy getting to pick a meal of their choice once a week for free!

No need to try to impress them with being ghetto fabulous (living beyond your means) if they are humble truly grateful kids this will excite them beyond words!

Get $10 off your first order over $10 when you first sign up with

my personal link. 😍😏

*Ill feed my kids* and you can *feed your kids* by you and me teaming up with other single parents to get the job done!

Share this post and get the word out.

Anybody can do this but single parents sometimes struggle to provide so please end this struggle for each and every one of them.

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I’m personally watching what I consume so I order a lot of salads (many choices to choose from)…*no dressing* because the extra calories aren’t worth the time I put in at the gym….sorry!

*See so just because fast foods an option doesn’t mean you pick it*… 


*Make your own healthy dressing to put on your free salad*

Got the $9.99 one free thanks to those who have used my referral link😏 Thank you!

This Struggle👑Queen ain’t too proud to beg” for my kids that is”!🤷🏾‍♀️

*A closed mouth don’t get fed…*literally*💯

Can’t put food in there… like that!

Team up, focus on your needs and be the change you want to see in others…

*Parents, we have to stick together….it’s those kids against us!!!

*United we stand divided we fall*…lol😟🤦🏾‍♀️😎

Enjoy your meal on me with no cleanup…then pay it forward by sharing this post around the world.

Get your good deed in for today… xoxo *If it was up to me childhood hunger wouldn’t exist!!! Sadly it’s not… it’s up to “us” I need to know the feeling of hungry kids upsets you just as well as me.

Let us keep the cycle going until we no longer see a starving child!

Share, Share, Share this post around the word so all can take advantage of free food and drinks. Once your accounts created send me a message via messenger with your special link. I will order using your link & once again we’ll both benefit!🙌🏾

ENJOY A *happy* *pickyless* day with the kiddos along with a *complaint free* *I’m hungry whining* evening!!!

Door Dash Food Delivery Service

Get you some food right here!xoxoxo

PS. You can become a driver if you need to bring in some extra dollar bills for those kiddos… “We do what we got to in order to get to where we want to be”

*Our children depend on us and for that, we can’t let them down*

This is happening right here in America!

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a free stock👀


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