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Fasting is the cure to everything!!


Fasting has been around a long time.

When I fasted to cure my cancer I did not know anything about it. A study was conducted with sick people who prayed vs people who believed in nothing so did not pray. The people who prayed improved significantly better than the others who did not. The mind is a very powerful thing and has the ability to allow us to follow through with a fast versus not. The mind has the ability to heal or destroy. I prayed my entire fast, and heard voices, was given the knowledge I never knew before, and it literally changed my entire purpose in life.

Let us discuss a process called autophagy.

Autophagy, which is a combination of the words Self and eat, is known as the regulated process in which a cell in our body breaks down its defective parts. The cell itself will recycle useful chemicals for other purposes. This process then allows autophagy to adjust the stability of the protein composition within a cell in our body. This helps prevent product build-up.

Toxic waste helps maintain cells during periods when our bodies starve, rid themselves of invading pathogens, and maintain cell organelle function.

Think of autophagy as if your body has a garbage can, also known as your autophagosome. What it does is collect the cellular components and takes them to the local cell recycling center, which in the scientific world is known as the lysosome. This is where the breakdown of cells takes place into smaller cells which are then reused in new cells.

A process that is very similar to autophagy is called apoptosis, which is also known as “programmed cell death.” After an amount of time of division, cells are programmed to perish. This process may sound Unsettling at first, but it’s actually crucial to maintaining a healthy body. 

Our cells slowly become useless and old. It is ideal that they are scheduled to die when they can no longer do what they were created to do. This is what science calls “apoptosis”. Cells are destined to die before that they are born, that is after they have exhausted their usefulness.  When this process works normally everything is great but if not we end up at the doctors or worst the hospital. To activate this process we have to fast when the natural function is broken because our bodies need help to heal. Your body can’t digest food and heal you at the same time, it has to focus all its cell renewing powers on healing so pick one.

I read a lot of books.

Recently I was reading and came across an interesting book. Cited from the book “The Fasting Cure” First, a good many sick people are dying all the time. It would be an argument for fasting if it saved any of them. It is no argument against fasting that it fails to save them all. No one would think of bringing it up against his surgeon or his family physician that he occasionally lost a patient. Second, people might die very frequently, without that being an argument against the cure. It might simply be a consequence of the desperately ill class of people who were trying it. A doctor who had a new method of healing, and was permitted to use it only upon those whom all other doctors had given up, would be considered successful if he affected even an occasional cure.

I would wager that of the people who read my article and set out to fast, practically all had been suffering for many years and had given the “ regular “ physicians unlimited opportunity to work on them. Third, it may be set down as absolutely certain that no one ever died of starvation while fasting. The essential feature of the fast is that after the first two or three days all hunger ceases; and that anyone could die of lack of food without feeling a desire for food, is absurd upon the face of it.

Nature simply does not work that way. It reminds me of a young lady who once told me that she would not go to sleep with a mouse in the room because she imagined the mouse might nibble off her ear without waking her! As to the possibility that you might starve, during those first days while you are hungry — the answer is simply that you don’t. It is perfectly true that men have died of starvation in three or four days, but the starvation existed in their minds — it was fright that killed them.

That they did not truly starve is proven by my letters from several hundreds of people who have fasted over that time, and who are alive to tell of it. There are conditions in the human body which lead to death inevitably; and some of these conditions are beyond the power of the fast to remedy. When a per- son so afflicted sets out to fast, and dies in spite of the fast, the papers of course declare that he died because of the fast. Dr. L. B. Hazzard of Seattle has published a very useful little book, “ Fasting for the Cure of Disease,” in which she tells of two cases of “ death from fasting,” where the autopsy revealed conditions with which the fast had no connection, and which made death certain. Chances of that sort one has to take in life. You may have a blood vessel in such a state that when you run after a street car the increased pressure will cause it to burst ; but you do not on that account declare that no man ought to exert himself violently.

 As an example of the part that mental disturbances may play in the fast, I will cite the case of a woman friend who started out too fast for a complication of chronic ailments. She was rather stout, and did not mind it at all — was going cheerfully about her daily tasks, but her husband heard about it, and came home to tell her what a fool she was making of herself; and in a few hours, she was in a state of complete collapse. No doubt if there had been a physician in the neighborhood, there would have been another tale of a “ victim of a shallow and unscrupulous sensationalist.” Fortunately, however, a business called the husband away again, and the next day the woman was all right and completed an eight-day fast with the best results.

I AM asked many questions as to my attitude toward the question of meat- eating. I was brought up on a diet of meat, bread and butter, potatoes, and sweet things. Four years ago when I found myself desperately run down, suffering from nervousness, insomnia, and almost incessant headaches, I came upon various articles written by vegetarians, and I began to suspect that my trouble might be due to meat. I went away on a camping-trip for several weeks, taking no meat with me, and because I found that I was a great deal better, I believed that the meat had been responsible for my trouble. I then visited the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and became familiar with all their arguments against meat, and thereafter I did not use it for three years.

Many physicians will think your crazy.

  I had one from Spain and one from India and one from Argentina all on the same day. I am sure I might have kept a sanatorium for those people who have begged me to let them come and live near me while they were taking a fast. One woman writes to ask me to name my own price to take charge of a case of elephantiasis which has been given up by all the experts in Europe! Also, I could fill an article with the “humor “ of these letters. One woman writes a long and anxious inquiry as to whether it is permissible to drink any water while fasting, and then follows this up with a special delivery letter to say that she hopes I will not think she is crazy — she had read the article again and noted the injunction to drink as much water as she can! And then comes a letter from a man who wants to know if I really mean it all; do I truly expect him to eat nothing whatever — or would I call it fasting if he ate just nuts and fruit now and then? Quite recently I was talking with a physician — a successful and well-known physician — who refused point-blank to believe that a human being could live for more than four or five days without any sort of nutriment. There was no use talking about it — it was a physiological impossibility; and even when I offered him the names and addresses of a hundred people who had done it, he went off unconvinced. And yet that same physician professes a religion which through nearly two thousand years has recommended “fasting and prayer “ as the method of the soul’s achievement; and he will go to church and listen reverently to accounts of a forty-day fast in the wilderness! And he lives in a country in which there are sanatoriums where hundreds of people are fasting all the time, and were twenty or thirty-day fasts occasion no more remark than a good golf-score at a summer hotel! If you have any doubt that such fasts are taken, you can very quickly convince yourself. Less than a year ago I saw a man completing a fifty-day fast; I talked with him day by day, and I knew absolutely that it was all in good faith. The symptoms of fasting are as distinct and unmistakable as are, for instance, those of smallpox; you could no more persuade an experienced person that you are fasting when you are not fasting than you could persuade a bacteriologist that you had sleeping- sickness when you were merely lazy.


My age is forty-eight, and I have enjoyed the best of health nearly all my life. Even now my digestion is all right, but for five years or so I have been troubled with rheumatism, not the painful, swelling sort, but lame joints. I tried Fletcherism,” and for the last nine months have done my best to live up to his suggestions, but fell down, exactly as in your own case. I can’t tell what to eat, or when I have eaten enough. Whether this fast of yours does me any permanent good or not, my joints certainly move better to-day than for six months, and I have every confidence in the theory. The physicians here to a man all laugh at me, likewise my friends. I had lost ten pounds in weight at the end of the sixth day; I lost three the first, two each for the next two days, and a pound a day for the next three days. You speak of an unmistakable appetite. I could eat, of course, now, though I have no appetite, and I am wondering how I shall know when a real appetite returns. Mrs. W. is as keen to try the fasting cure as I, and her condition is very like Mrs. Sinclair’s, but I thought one member of the family was enough for the first try- out. Please pardon a total stranger for encroaching upon the time of a busy man, but in the hunt for health, without which life is not worth living, one will do things he would not otherwise think of. For your information I will say that I have attended to my office and business every day since my fast began, walking to my home and back at least three times daily, for the exercise; driving touring-car nights and Sunday, for pleasure, exactly as though there had been no change in my habits. The strangest part of the experience is that I feel so well, and except for a slight faintness, feel perfectly well to-day. Say — but I was hungry for the first two days!

Yours truly, HERBERT WENTWORTH.  CLYDE PARK, MONT., May 17, 1910. 

DEAR SIR, — I was much interested in your article in the Cosmopolitan on “ Starving for Health’s Sake.” For some time before I read it, I had been troubled with a coated tongue and a nasty, bitter taste in my mouth. When I read the article my complaint was probably at its worst. I consulted a doctor, who gave me some capsules to clean out my intestinal canal, so he said. I asked him what I could eat and he said, “ The less you eat the better.” So I ate nothing for a week. Everything connected with my fast for that week was just as you described it — a ravenous hunger on the second day and after that no hunger at all. However, the coated tongue was still there, and when I next saw the doctor I mentioned your article and said you recommended rectal injections. He said he read your article and approved of it, and said after a thorough examination that I had an impaction of the colon. He said he would give me something to work on my colon and also added that if I fasted long enough the impaction would move out of itself. He also recommended injections. On the 25th day, although the coated tongue and nasty taste were still with me, I commenced eating again, as there was so much work to do on the ranch, and I had to do it, as hired help was scarce. I drank nothing but tepid water and very thin lemonade, slightly sweetened, during my fast of twenty-four days. I dropped from 175 pounds to 143 pounds. It is a week now since I broke my fast and I am rapidly gaining weight. Yesterday I weighed 152 pounds. However, as I said, I still have the coated tongue, although not so bad as formerly, and when I regain more weight, I‘m going to begin another fast. I am fifty-three years of age and have never used tea, coffee, whisky, or tobacco. I want to read up on the subject, so that when I begin again I‘ll know what to do. Your article was all the literature I had on the subject, and it may have been incomplete in a great many important particulars. 

Respectfully yours, ROBERT AITKIN.–body—spirit-with-a-solution-called-Peace-of-Mind-ela6ie

Fasting involves self-love for yourself & not food…

We as humans work by means of motivation…

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