Free summer time fun with the kiddos!


Schools out….please help me!

I know the struggle they follow you everywhere and complain about how bored they are. I could not imagine only having one child and having to entertain them! I have four and they teach each other, play together, and protect each other.

Sometimes in the summer people want to have fun but just don’t have the financial stability. I have created a list of all the fun things my kids and I have been doing since they were really young. Electronics are scrambling fragile brains like eggs so put it away and take out your time & imagination.

  • take a bike ride with your child teach them to follow signs
  • call a relative and plan a picnic at the park
  • have a toy car wash
  • water play outside in the yard or at the park
  • play “I spy”
  • play “mother may I?”
  • practice writing with your child or have them write a story
  • put on some music an color with your child
  • check out the library and all their summer events
  • take a nature walk/hike
  • blow bubbles
  • fly a kite on a windy day
  • enjoy arts and crafts, get creative using old magazine pictures
  • donate old toys and books to charity
  • enjoy a camp out in the backyard
  • jump rope
  • hopscotch
  • play tic tac toe
  • bake/lemonade sale
  • play board games
  • make slime
  • make a no bake dessert
  • karaoke
  • write a letter to someone special in another state
  • knit/crochet
  • stargazing
  • be creative with your nails and hair with what you have at home (pamper day)
  • take a bubble bath with a bathing suit (you & the kids or just the kids)
  • clean out dresser drawers
  • repaint old wood (this can be made fun!)
  • do a puzzle
  • read
  • practice dance moves
  • go fishing
  • play hide n’ seek
  • make a fort
  • go to the beach make a sandcastle
  • play dodge ball
  • throw a frisbee
  • make a funny video
  • visit a new park every day for a week
  • visit the school playground
  • plant something (tree, seeds, time capsule)
  • visit a local museum
  • feed the birds/ducks
  • visit a local farm
  • take a photo walk
  • play pictionary
  • cooking lessons parent/child
  • teach your child to save money
  • paint rocks
  • family movie night (watch old movies)
  • plan a family slumber party
  • tell each other made up stories

Now go enjoy your kiddos while you can, soon you wont be able to squeeze a kiss out of them…


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