Gas Buddy…you & your cars new best friend for life!


Pay with GasBuddy

A revolutionary gasoline savings program allowing drivers to save on gas unlinked to any store service card. This means you can get up to 5 cents off per gallon anywhere.

Members are reporting savings up to $340 per year on gasoline! The program is free to join and gives drivers 10 cents off per gallon with the first initial purchase and then 5 cents off ongoing.

Gas Buddy works at stations nationwide, is completely secure and no credit card application is required.

How Does Pay with GasBuddy Work?


I thought you would never ask!

1. Download for free the GasBuddy smartphone app, then click on the savings icon to get started.

2. Sign up by connecting a valid checking account.

3. Once you receive your card in the mail, activate it by setting up a unique *Driver ID* inside the GasBuddy app. Your all set to fill up at the tank with less fear of breaking the bank…

4. Swipe your card at the pump as you would any other form of payment.

Your unique *Driver ID* makes using  GasBuddy even more secure than a credit card!

Take it a step further and have fun with your new app!

  • Complete challenges and win free gas
  • Report prices and earn points
  • Browse cash back offers
  • Earn points for participation in online activities through the app
  • Receive Achievements for your hard work as you interact with the app

Every gallon adds points so you are not only saving on gas but you are also getting paid for filling up!  Points are like a currency. You can redeem your points through to save money on millions of products!


Yes, you know me…I love to do referrals because caring means sharing!!

Share your special code with friends and family and receive 30 cents cash back per gallon!! You can refer as many people as you would like but your 30 cents does not increase so it sits there until you are ready to use it (one per transaction).

Please enter my code and we both benefit…..happy savings!!!!!

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