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Hello there and thanks for stopping by…xoxo

I am your health queen….

I have my liscense for nursing, my certification in medical assisting, my diploma in nutrition, blogging, and content marketing. I also have a diploma in aromatherapy & holistic healing.

Healing Starts With Forgiving Others

Always reminding yourself your worth is uncalculated

Self Love Affirmations

I teach people the body can heal itself through fasting & prayer anything is possible. Did you know in 2012 “the god code” was discovered meaning the 22 amino acids in your body are activated by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in which creation was made. I feel like the world should know this!!! Multiple names of god stand out but Yahweh is the name that was given in the old testament. This is the name I use. Halleluyah means “praise Yah.” This is what sets this site apart from others, I use the information the creator has given me as a reward through fasting and prayer to teach others how to heal themselves! xoxox

The Garden of Eden is the female body described in poetry form…

Your body is the temple…


The bible is a spiritual book that many will never comprehend unless they are fasting and put all their trust in the creator. Jerusalem and Zion are both parts of the brain. Fasting is mentioned all through the Bible yet people go to doctors for cures. Doctors don’t cure they treat. When people in the bible had mental health issues they went to priests because they are demons. Take multiple personality disorders,s for example, these people write differently, speak differently, and have different memories. They are multiple demons that have taken over a vessel “the body.”

Many can only be cast out through fasting…

Sciptures On fasting & Prayer

I recently as a health coach wrote a book on fasting to help people kick the addictive state that causes one to be unable to fast. Food is an addiction as well as other well-known drugs and alcohol. Food is just a disguised addiction because it is legal and awareness companies lie for them so you can stay on meds and the medical field continues to thrive off of your ignorance. My bundle is without coaching assistance. I provide a journal, meal plan for pre and post fasting, a breakdown of genesis being the female body, a shopping list for people who need extra help fasting, and a meal planner for moms who fast with young ones.

My Book Fasting 4 Life

Check out my podcast its so #fastingisthecure

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