Feeling “used” lately?

Feeling “used” lately?

To love someone sometimes means giving up what you love. Love is a two way street and not everybody knows when to yield, stop, go, or slow down. I

Seriously though…

All jokes aside people will use you like that “tea bag” as long as you allow them to do so. Not everybody’s heart is the same. You may give someone your last that has no problem taking it every time, this is a problem!

“Be careful how many handouts you give before you start coming up short yourself, missing fingers & all”

People will show you before they tell you…

Pay attention to peoples actions we know they speak 10 times louder than any words ever spoken. I like to see people on their feet doing well but not everybody wants the same for me. It’s ok cause I know they just not build like me, I’m special

I understand life puts people in vulnerable situations to become a user but when you continuously call someone only when you need something that’s just sad.

How to know if your being used…

You should call that same person just to ask how they are doing, how their day is going, or just to ask how they are feeling.

Do you have trouble starting conversations?

You would be amazed how people feel knowing someone, anyone for that matter is thinking of them. You do a good deed for someone and they show appreciation, something this new generation lacks! We are living in an age of pure disrespectful, greedy, ungrateful kids as well as adults.

Hold up wait a minute…

“Chin up, face forward, confidence spray-on along with thick skin and proceed…always moving forward.”

Self Confidence Boosters

My Recommendations for you…

Enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy session at any time of any day…

Take a “spa bath” at home & take all your stress, pain, & anxiety away!

Do you relieve stress by coloring?

Instead of squeezing the life outta someone and risking jail, I just go find my Dammit Doll…

Sometimes you just need an added boost!


Start with loving your body from the inside out!

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