I do not think so “Potty mouth Paula”



My baby girl is grown!!



I have a daughter who just turned 20 in February. My baby girl is an absolute rider and always has been! Raising girls is like getting a bad haircut….you’ll mostly cry and at times pure anger will consume your soul. Most importantly the upkeep and maintenance will involve a bunch of T.L.C. and patience. Watching your hair growth will be so exciting but you’re going to have to wear styles not always as flattering as you would like.  

Fast forward from birth to last night…..


Three of my daughters’ close friends from childhood came over to stay the night…..keep in mind nobody likes staying at my house. I do not run the teen fun farm and if anything it’s the complete opposite for two major reasons…


  • I don’t like to hear the grown conversations our future generations of women are talking about!
  • I refuse to clean up after grown women and they are messy yall!


These young girls went to her room, closed the door, and then had the audacity to proceed with a story that involved cursing as the fluent language of choice!


Do you know my mom would have tied my tongue into multiple knots!



Are yall in there cursing because you can be grown all day outside but not up in here…


I’m sorry Miss Shamara

Me again throwing out some food for though…..

What type of man do you think you’ll attract talking like that?




Mothers of this Future Generation of  Women:


Please don’t allow your children to disrespect your home once they are grown.

The respect they had growing up should never leave and the fear should never die if you ever had it to begin with. As her mother, you are the top head honcho in charge of the Jungle while the kings away….

I will attack you…


My daughter kept telling them they would not be welcome over anymore if they don’t watch their mouth!

They sure didn’t hear her talking this way in my home nor have they ever!


Don’t get it twisted I ain’t dumb, deaf, or blind. I know my daughter curses but she respects me enough to not do it in my presence purposely.


I do correct her if she slips up (dealing with life) but her reaction is to apologize immediately thereafter.

Sorry Mom


Once you stop correcting them they will think they are more grown than you and everything you taught them is out the window…..


A major issue with this generation of young men and women!


NEVER STOP CORRECTING…..and they should never stop “Respecting”!


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