Kids need rules, directions & responsibilities🤷🏾‍♀️


I know I can most likely speak for 80% of parents when I say laundry is evil! 

  • Petty
  • Vindictive 
  • Neverending
  • Trying 
  • Boring
  • Frustrating
  • Anxiety trigger
  • Drug/Alcohol trigger
  • Ongoing like the *Energizer Bunny*😭😭

We need to hire employees…..

Calling everybody in the house who don’t pay bills…


Gather up your kids who wear clothes too. Let’s play “clean, dry, & fold”. 

Everything’s more exciting as a game!






You know the old saying *work smarter not harder* Yes that goes for parenting too…..

Take some of your small laundry tasks and help your child excell in each while conquiring that parent goal of *raising independent adults*…no age limit required!


Suggestions for tasks…

*ninja clothes separator* or (color, fabric, material) *explain why we sort laundry…so we don’t ruin our clothing* kids need to know why they’re doing things or they will do them their way when your not watching👀



  • Laundry measure & pour *designee* 


  • Pick someone to put laundry in the washing machine after the *ninja clothes separator* is finished


  • Pick someone else if possible to put laundry in the dryer after the washers done with a fabric sheet…*explain why* or they will not use them when you’re not watching😎


  • Allow each child the opportunity to pick through the dried clothes to find all their hidden clean clothes *treasure*


  • Allow each child to fold & put away their own folded laundry treasure with their very own *treasure basket* 😂


  • Give rewards for not having to fix hangers, drawers, etc from *misplaced laundry* 😱 or as I call them #lazykids🤦🏽‍♀️


Parents they’re sneaky & you know it! Don’t trust them🙌🏾 they will after all that hard work throw it behind the bed, on the closet floor, stuff it in drawers…etc. *CHECK*

Many may not even care but as a mom of 4, I had to take charge. Everything should have its *own* home to ensure organization & cleanliness for the both of you.

Ever wake up to “mom” where are my socks, “mom” wheres my shoes? “mom” I have no clean underwear/panties/boxers/briefs….get it?


I personally have a place for everything because if you dont…they surely will drive you insane!

  • School shirts & pants…hung up in the closet. Two pair of pants per hanger (prevents breaking) but get wild with the leggings.
  • All panties, socks, and undershirts in one drawer.
  • Another drawer for pajamas & play clothes.
  • We also have a coat & shoe closet all organized…no need to search & mess up in the process.
  • In my girl’s room, they have a coathanger and that’s where they keep shaw’s, light jackets, pullovers, etc (light wear/delicates)


Your kids aren’t going to volunteer to help you clean unless you make it fun!

Encourage them and be very supportive!

Like men, you have to constantly “stroke their ego”..ijs lol

Don’t constantly tell them it’s not right because they’ll become discouraged.

Just be patient and show them why it’s not right in your eyes (don’t expect them to be O.C.D.)


Enjoy laundry with your children from now on!


Maybe one day you’ll be able to say what you been wanting to say for years…


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