Stop the hate…🤛🏽

I see people out here to weak or afraid to speak up for themselves. I have always been anti bullying but that’s me. Grown ups are being bullies, kids, the government, teachers etc. Enough is enough it gets you absolutely nowhere but miserable!

Note 2 Self…✔


Be the love of your life…🥰

Love the person who stares back at you in the mirror. Give yourself a chance. See if you don’t love yourself you open up a vulnerable state of doubt that shadows you day in & out.

Doubt leaves room for abuse, hatred, torture, depression, sickness, disease and then death. Why would you want that for yourself? You don’t you just don’t know how to be happy. I understand it wasn’t a part of your upbringing. 😔 This is why the cycle has to stop with you❣

Listen up…I’m here to tell you today you are very important to not only yourself but those around you. Life would be an empty soul without all the love you give. Your so smart & highly favored. Kids are counting on you to be the change they need to see. You can do anything as long as you invest in yourself. Do your hair, nails, makeup…take a sexy lavish peaceful bath! Just do us both a favor make sure it’s for you.


Write down 3 goals you want to complete by next year. Next write down 3 steps to reach those goals. After that write down 5 things you love about yourself. Next 5 things you’d love to change (without surgery). Take the things you love and accelerate them to fix the things you would like to change. Everything you write should be to better yourself as a person.

Everyday from here on out you take an hour out your day for “me” time. Loving ones self isn’t selfish its neccessary! Just like you fit in work to make money to care for others you fit in that “me” time…💞

I’m working on you being able to wear your daily reminders💘 #onedayatatime

Please feel free to comment below I would love to hear your thoughts on self love!


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