Lovethyselfoffensively “Nacho average nachos”


Me and Nachos are in a relationship…

So I actually did not always love this beautiful Mexican creation. Im from Pennsylvania and Italian was my first love, American my second, and then came Greek. Mexican just was not in my love affair of go to foods.

I met a man who changed my life by introducing me to his love of Mexican food where I was swept away in the magical mixture that caused my taste buds to tingle with delight.. He would make these colossal nachos that had me addicted. It got so bad that the plate we shared I was now looking at him to give me my own collosal plate to myself. I know just greedy!

This is what food addiction does and all that good stuff mixed all up with toppings to make you want to go back for seconds and thirds when internally your body is saying “please stop, I cant do it anymore.” That is that tired feeling people call the itis…lol

Changing up the nacho game once and for all!

my fasting 4 life peeps this ones for you…xoxo


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