*Negative Energy* can turn a golden heart into a cold hard statue❣

*Negative Energy* can turn a golden heart into a cold hard statue❣


Trust nobody & watch everybody👀

Ever feel like you been hurt by the people who swore to love & protect you? Kinda like police brutality on blacks. We don’t like calling the police they ain’t really rooting for us. I don’t call my family cause they ain’t rooting for me. They be the ones who hurt you the worst! You feel they should have a connection to your heart but really they’re just connected to any negative energy that will feed them. Any reason to count you out.

Family & friends disguised as snakes and rats these days…

You need them the most, always been there for them, pray for them every night yet they don’t pick up when you call. Even worst you always call it’s never  a ring a ling to see how you been. They just went on a shopping spree it’s all over Facebook yet you just asked for some serious help; whether financially or emotionally. Instead they talk down on you to the rest of the family.

I’ll be the first to tell you that’s a gut wrenching feeling! Good thing my momma hurt me before anybody else could so I got that bounce back, I remember that type of mentality. You keep that same energy as I enjoy my blessings…period!

My brother and my kids are the only people I know who wouldn’t intentionally hurt me, see cause they watched me become one with the struggle, sacrifice, & endure so much pain just to see them smile.

Don’t blame the struggle…

So again, the struggle didn’t make me cold those people who turned on me did, don’t get your feelings twisted. Like I always say “the struggle love everybody” it’s that fake love that’ll mess your mind up if you allow it to. People try to understand me but I’m a puzzle with some missing peices I can care less about finding. I embrace my struggles they make me aware, strong, and an overachiever♡

This is why I’m here to let you know you don’t need them, blood or not if they’re stressing you best believe its depressing you!

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