Online survey success tips


Filling out online surveys can be quite frustrating!

Follow my seven simple tips below and it should ease up 99% of the anger in your soul caused from being dropped midway into completing a survey for a reward.


  • Be honest companies are paying you to give your true opinion in order to improve their product or business.


  • Take your time and read each answer carefully, be sure you are reading and not skimming! Companies love changing questions around to make sure your paying close attention.


  • Write down the name of the survey, the company who’s paying you, and the time it took you to complete it from start to finish.


  • Answer all prequalification questions the same exact way every single time. **Unless your nationality, marital status, number of dependants or income has really changed, *stay consistent**


  • When you are asked to give a thoughtful answer please do just that.  Ensure your words are spelled correctly and you use the proper punctuation.


The number of surveys you’ll be asked to complete and qualify for should now increase tremendously.


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