Piggy is given out coupons/discounts like whooo…


Piggy finds the best Coupons and Deals and helps you save money! When eligible, you also can earn cash back on purchases made using the app.

Piggy’s patent-pending browser app is free because the merchants they partner with pay advertising fees to make sure you know of the latest and greatest sales and coupons on the web.

There is no catch.

  • Think of Piggy’s cash back like an Automatic Rebate. Instead of filling out paperwork, and getting a check in a couple months. Every store you shop at that qualifies for cash back will be put in your Piggy account (like a piggy bank). Then when it gets big enough we send you a check (or a Gift Card)!


IMPORTANT: You need to make sure you are always logged in! Cashback will automatically track on all Piggy stores any time you use coupons, try codes, or click Activate Cashback!

  • Piggy usually reports your cash back earnings the next business day after your items ship. That is usually when Piggy gets notified that you purchased something from the store itself. 


What is the charge for such awesomeness???



Well, the app is free anyway!  The stuff you buy…not so much! Although we will help you find the best coupon to keep the cost as low as it can!

Piggy removes garbage so you can utilize your time doing more important tasks. Most sites have old, or inactive coupons. When you click on them, the site earns a commission.

Piggy is not worried about that, they just want to help you save money. If there are no valid coupons for that store at the time of your purchase, they won’t waste your time with pretend coupons!

You’ll see this….

  • Purchases made will then be tracked to your account. You can check the status of cash back and rewards you have earned usually within 24 hours from the date your Order has shipped.
Some stores report a little longer, but give it a day. You will see this in your account.


Send customer support an email at any time with further questions or concerns…. help@joinpiggy.com



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