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Plastic is destroying your hormonal system!


I was reading this book on amazon kindle & realized I had to talk about this #awareness

The invention of plastic

Sure when Alexander Parkes created the first man made plastic it seemed like a great day. The material was called Parkesine, it was organically derived from cellulose, once heated it can be molded to retain its shape when cooled.

Today, contact lenses, chewing gum, phones, food containers, clothing, shoes, mattresses, it seems everything is made with plastic.

Plastics are organic materials like wood, paper and wool. The raw material that is used to produce plastics are natural products and cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil. The actual word “plastic” comes from the Greek word “plastikos” which means fit for molding.

We have been way to focused on an easier life over a healthier life. Did you know plastic is literally taking over the planet thus causing a great mount of microscopic hidden pollution.

Lets discuss toxicity

Micro plastics are most likely in all of our bodies unknowingly. This little particles of plastic absorb toxic chemicals such as cancer and release it into the animals that eat it such as fish. Humans eat fish so these little micro plastics are not only in the water supply, they are also in the food we consume! Organic or non organic their is absolutely no way to filter these dangerous plastic particles out of the food.

You see the problem is plastic was invented but nobody thought about how it does not biodegrade. Plastic continually just breaks down into smaller pieces of itself, try about one billionth of a meter. Chemicals this size enter into your intestinal walls and travel to your lymph nodes, glands, and organs.

Once in your body plastic builds up to a toxic level causing your immune system to shut down, your metabolism to slow down, it affects your skin, behavior, weight, mental health, and much more. Not only do you consume this poison you breath it in and it absorbs through the skin as well causing all sorts of damage to the hormonal system.

Chemicals that tend to mimic our own bodily hormones are known as endocrine disruptors. The action they like to take is binding to your hormone receptors causing you to react in a different way than normal. ED’s are normally measured in parts per trillion so the fact that a small amount can affect us in such a huge way speaks volumes. The like to make a comfy cozy home in our fat cell storage which is why they accumulate and create so much damage in the long term.

So what is the plan you ask?

I would have never brought up the subject if I did not have a plan for you & I. Although it is impossible to avoid plastic no matter where you go on the planet it is possible to limit your exposure and detox from the dangers of it. A healthy body can get rid of a high amount of toxins at once but an unhealthy body will experience distress.

Ways you can limit the amount of plastic toxicity your exposed to

  • Do not breath in near warm or hot plastics
  • Avoid canned food
  • Filter your tap water
  • Vacuum your home on a regular basis
  • Clean your home regularly
  • Do not purchase conventional personal care products such as conditioner, soap, moisturizer, makeup, shampoo (make your own) or by organic
  • Avoid conventional produce due to the pesticides and herbicides leaving plastic residue
  • Stop using plastic straws
  • Purchase foods such as cereal, rice, and pasta in bulk then fill a reusable bag or container
  • Use reusable shopping bags and mesh produce bags
  • Do not chew gum it is made of plastic
  • Buy boxes and glass instead of plastic bottles
  • Use reusable bottles or mugs when drinking liquids
  • Never use Styrofoam
  • Water your plants with a metal watering pot instead of plastic
  • Do not wear plastic glasses
  • Use wooden spoons and other kitchen gadgets instead of plastic
  • Use matches or invest in a refillable lighter do not use plastic ones
  • Eat real whole fresh foods that come in contact with plastic the least
  • Don’t use plastic ware ever
  • Purchase clothing made of organic material
  • Use cloth diapers disposable one’s are toxic to your baby and the environment
  • Make your own cleaning products
  • Pack your lunches in glass containers or reusable bags
  • Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of disposable
  • Avoid seafood
  • Do not by plastic toys for your children buy wooden ones
  • Use glass or stainless steel cups to drink your beverages
  • Avoid cheap supplements
  • Use combs made of wood
  • Put your fruits and veggies in cardboard box’s not plastic bags at the grocery store
  • Purchase deodorant in a glass jar or make your own
  • Purchase bamboo toothbrushes
  • Avoid products with micro beads in them the beads are made of plastic
  • Wash your synthetic fabrics in a bag they breakdown and get into the water supply
  • Instead of tampons try using a menstrual cup
  • Purchase cotton swabs with a paper stick

Detoxification Suggestions for you…

Bentonite clay is a highly adsorbent substance. Unlike absorption, in which fluid is dissolved by a particular substance, adsorption is the adhesion of ions and molecules to a surface. In this case, sodium bentonite clay draws specific toxins to our clay as if they were “pulled by a magnetic field”. While submersed in a tub of warm water, the high absorbency clay draws bio-accumulated toxins from within the body, and down the drain.

DETOXIFY YOUR BODY and maintain healthy digestion by taking with your meal or drink. Use for your bug bites, burns, or accidental poisonings.

Detoxifying mask with natural purifying properties unclogs pores, soaks up traces of oil, dirt, and toxins, removes acne, blackheads, and blemishes on the skin. The mask provides rejuvenating support for the entire body, legs, hair, face, and feet. (Full body detox) skincare treatment, clay baths, foot soaks, facials, hair masks, and more. Therapeutic grade clarifying mask exfoliates, minimizes pores, tones, and smooths skin. Soothes damaged skin, moisturizes softens, and rejuvenates skin cells, supporting vibrant looking skin.

Detoxing has gone from if you like to, to today it being very necessary! This is no longer a choice we have to make ourselves as now it is affecting the health of the average American without them even realizing it! Try my detox bath recipe…xoxo This is my go-to and is near and dear to my heart!

The need to detox is real…