Fasting 4 Life is a book I been working on for about a year. I took some aromatherapy classes, I received my associates in nutrition, I’m a medical assistant and an LPN. I also took some psychology classes as well to tie everything together to the brain.

I have watched patients come into the office healthy but after medications take their toll end up on their death bed. I have watched doctors hesitate to prescribe something they are told to because they know the risks. A doctor is human we must try to figure out a way to heal ourselves, understand ourselves, love ourselves more.

I pride myself on understanding how the body works and being able to explain it to others. I really enjoy teaching others the importance of giving the digestive system a rest so your other organs can repair themselves. Food does so much damage but who is really discussing it and making others aware? This GMO crap was made in a lab, our bodies were made to be fueled by natural food. We eat this stuff and it literally shuts down the body’s natural ability to fight anything off, its just sickening.

Americans need to find something other than eating to pass the time. We now emotionally eat, fun eat, play eat, sex eat, bored eat, movie eat, etc. This is destroying our bodies because food is intended for energy. Even if we just ate natural food we would not have the problems we have today. Sugar is a drug and until people really begin to grasp that obesity & death rates will continue to climb!

Fasting 4 Life is about understanding all this and doing something about it!


Fasting 4 Life

Fasting 4 Life Bundle Pack includes a breakdown of the female body being “The Garden Of Eden” & Speaking Up Side Effects of Chemo & Radiation.

19.99 $


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