The female enclosure of delight A.K.A “The Garden of Eden”


In the beginning…

what if I told you that book you been reading called the “Torah” speaks two languages, Hebrew & spiritual. I remember as a child reading about The Garden of Eden, it always fascinated me. I mean what really happen, so many left out details!

Disease, viruses, fungus, obesity, etc. where did they come from, how did they start? Honestly nobody knows everything all we can do is pray for understanding, read, and research. What I can tell you is there is so much more to this book than just reading word for word. At one point of time the entire book was Hebrew then somebody decided to translate it into all the languages known to man.

What we must realize is translations can be biased. Once I started learning Hebrew I began to realize words had different meaning back then, than they do today. Some words are in a spiritual context, some are figuratively speaking, others are descriptions of places we no longer see. Any preacher that goes to school to learn to minister is subject to human error and opinion on what some scriptures mean.

The great thing about it is if you fast and remove toxins from the body the creator’s voice can be heard on loud. You see it’s like the show hoarders. People move into homes and start accumulating stuff until one day there isn’t even room in their home for them. So our bodies are the temple of the most high and we all know a temple is a holy place. With that being said, eating 3 times a day plus snacks causes an accumulation in the body until there is no longer room for the creator who made you.

Fasting is self-care maintenance for the body

Anything you own that you want to keep working like new needs maintenance, your body is no different. Fasting is the spring cleaning nobody talks about. Fasting is a natural process that allows healing from all the food, medications, and environmental toxins entering our bodies.

Fasting is the ultimate cure for mental disorders, pain, inflammation, damaged cells, obesity, etc. Just think of yourself as a self-cleaning oven. In order for the cleaning process to start you must first stop cooking and remove anything inside, then its time for the magic to begin.

Take the time to read the spiritual context the creator was trying to relay about how the body was perfectly made.


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