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Swagbucks is my absolute favorite site online for earning and learning all while having fun!

Sound too good to be true?!


Yes, I know but me being the Struggle👑Queen I am, you will find it’s absolutely legit…


I remember when I first discovered Swagbucks about 3 years ago. I was excited because as you will come to know I get excited about making money lazily…lol I mean you log onto your computer daily; your phone, tablet, smartwatch whatever. You end up pretty much wasting a bunch of time doing a bunch of nothing tasks that will get you pretty much nowhere in life.

Correct me if I’m wrong here……


*By no means have I ever claimed to be perfect hence the name* Struggle 👑 Queen*


You can play pretend and get away from all this craziness going on in the world with the new currency all the other websites been boasting about.

When I first started three years ago with Swagbucks I was so creative and motivational to myself in my own business💞


I went so far as to create my own personal currency since nobody set in stone what a Swagbuck should technically look like😏

I like to call this my *Swagbucka boujie* (yea, I’m fancy)!


Create your personal Swag buck for your business here Yes right here


What the illiterate heck is *Swagbucks* and a huh/what? *Swag buck* (asking for a friend)😆

Swagbucks– an online portal that offers its participants a way to earn points called *Swagbucks* in order to eventually exchange (payday) them for PayPal cash or gift cards.


No Paypal account? 

Signup Today  


How do I earn money on Swagbucks?
I was just sitting here with my legs crossed, arms folded and head tilted waiting for you to ask me just that very question!


When I tell you me and Swagbucks used to have a love/hate relationship just trust me on that. I wish I could have found someone such as myself to break down this very question for me because it’s deeper than you think.

Overwhelming is an understatement

Once your registered you are going to see a page full of amusement park rides.

I say amusement park rides because the excitement to earn Swagbucks is almost like the feeling one gets when you first arrive at the amusement park…..



See what I mean🤤…its all colorful with tabs and learning opportunities everywhere!!

You know what I’m saying that feeling in your gut of excitement, anxiety, and an uncontrollable eagerness to ride all the rides at once…

Amusement park landscape concept. Cartoon illustration of amusement park landscape vector concept for web

Refrain from multiple rides at once my friend

Once in the Swagbucks community platform please, I can not stress enough to take your turtle time

Rabbit runs fast and turtle runs slow illustration

to learn about all the ways to you may earn Swagbucks.


Read the disclosures and privacy statement along with all words on the screen.


You will need to take this seriously.  Money is involved and could mean the difference between your success and your failure!

I need you to take this seriously as this is now your personal business and if you don’t then who will?


Thank me later but you are going to be successful because you took the time to get to know your business before you launched it…

First things first…

Let the Swagbucks accumulation process begin

First, sign up for your free Swagbucks account by clicking the following link

So exciting click here!

After that sign up for a free email account specifically for your new business right here!  Get your free email account and start earning today

Training Time


Find the *Earn your SB option tab*

Find it?


  • Familiarize yourself with the home screen you will be seeing it a lot
  • Click on “shop” and navigate through the directory of online shops available
  • Browse featured coupons just to be familiar with the earning potential
  • Add your favorite shops
  • Take the tour
  • Download the Swag button today for free so you never miss an opportunity to earn Swagbucks ever again

Lets go…what are you waiting for?


  • Join Swago


  • Log your username and email you created along with any other important information in a personal tablet just for this business (keep safe)


  • Check out Ncrave and sponsored videos under “watch” and give a thumbs up or down. I just want you to get familiar with the process. Learn and understand what is being asked of you for about a good ten minutes.

If you get an error message…you will have to take a walk on the wild side and allow pop-ups!


Check out the swag tv categories…

write in your tablet which one you are interested in now at the start of your business and we will recap on this later. (just do it, you are starting a new business let’s have a little fun)


You’ve earned a break…



  • I highly suggest you do at least 4 surveys in “answer” for a training session on surveys (what they are looking for, how you can be disqualified, length vs time, ect.)
  • Please make sure you drink some water and grab a snack as you are actually impacting companies with your answers so be fair and thoughtful in your response.
  • Log every survey you do in your tablet (although this is your business you can’t trust the accountant). *Always  make sure you are getting all your earned Swagbucks and being compensated appropriately for your time and effort* 
  • Log the time you started the survey and the time you are finished to a T so that you can begin to track accurate timing. This will eventually help you manage your time more efficiently as your business grows.
  • You can also answer individual questions on the side but again log, log, log! I can not stress enough the importance of keeping track of everything you do for your own benefit.


Train your brain to take this serious or you won’t last, it will eat you alive!



  • Head on over to “discover” next and take the tour.
  • Check out the featured offers, the trusted partner offers, the explore web content and earn offers, the sign-up and earn offers, the popular offers, and the most recent offers. 
  • Please continue to proceed on your own down the list becoming familiar with every clickable link you can familiarize yourself with.
  • The more comfortable you become the easier it will be for your mind to build the confidence you need to share your referral code with others.
  • Once you start referring you got yourself a business going on and your on your way to being a *force to be reckoned with Swagbucks earning internet idol everybodytalksabout legend* (I am your biggest fan and the encouragement you need to fuel your fire).


*Increase your daily earnings*

This is your business now so you get to do things your way.

There are ways to maximize your earnings if you are interested.


  • Download Swagbucks TV- this app will allow you to run videos nonstop so you can earn the maximum daily Swagbucks for videos (yes there is a max). I will say that more often than not I get to earn bonus Swagbucks for watching more. I like to personally run it on my tablet as I use my laptop to complete other tasks on the home page.


  • Make it a habit to check Swagbucks before doing any online shopping, downloading new apps, trying trial offers. (*every time you forget you are putting yourself at risk of missing Swagbucks*).
  • Make Swagbucks your new default search engine, use it daily, and you will earn Swagbucks for doing something you normally do for free.

Bragging Rights…..

  • You can officially say you’re getting paid to search the web from here on out. No worries its owned by Yahoo so it’s not some virus in the making I’m asking you to download to your computer.
  • Make it a *daily goal* and *habit* to complete as many surveys or polls your brain can handle in one day.
Funny tired, stressed out brain sweating and lying exhausted, cartoon vector illustration on white background. Cute worn out brain character as a symbol of stress and overtraining
  • Think about this…..


You don’t have to commute to a job you don’t like, be forced to do things you don’t want to do, or associate with people you don’t even care for.


  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself on how many surveys you can complete to challenge yourself and increase your earnings.
  • With this being said opt into daily goals (button on subheader) and when you hit goals you get Swagbucks.
  • Listen here….find a nice comfy spot to relax, get you a snack or two and some wine/juice (can’t drink that at work) and voice your opinion until your own voice makes you nautilus (yes I said that)! lol

  • Take a break whenever you want to….hit the gym, go for a walk, phone a friend whatever you want for an hour or so and then get back to work.
  • I don’t recommend lunch breaks because you’re at home,  you’re not dealing with customers, and your schedule is flexible so you can just eat when you are hungry….right?
Don’t judge me yall but I have a serious anxiety driven cash out issue!

I never let my points just accrue because I trust no man… what if Swagbucks just shut down tomorrow… #devistation #anxiety #fear #anger

*Get into the habit of completing all your daily goals*


  • I like to think of them as my opening duties. 
  • Best believe jobs have reasons for doing the things they request you to do. Normally the duties keep the business running smoothly.
  • Learn from those disciplines and experiences and incorporate them into your daily check offs list.

Are you a daredevil and don’t mind taking risks?



  • Enter sweepstakes such as “win 50 Swagbucks”  “2 SB” to enter.  I am no gambler myself. I don’t even like when I lose at Bingo, I will want my money back if I don’t win! 😂😂😂
  • Swag memory- Not too many people can brag about playing games and earning money but you get to. Try out new games for companies there are depending on you. The more you play the more you earn its as simple as that. Trials and subscribing services = big payouts so if it’s worth it go for it!


  • Make it a daily habit to check your email for any news updates, swag codes (extra earning potential), survey offers and more. Like Swagbucks on fb also to stay up to date on how your business is thriving and what people are saying.


Referrals on Fleek💯💯💯

Now, this is where my heart beats the fastest and my leg hairs start growing back on my legs😳💀🙄


Passive Income in the Making……

*You get to recruit people to work for you*  😏

Never refer people to a site you are not happy with!!

*Trust is hard to earn and you don’t want to break it or have others feeling like you may be a fraud! My name is all I have so I pride myself on only recommending sites I use personally*

*Share your invite link until you have run out of shares left in your body, the more you share it the more chances you have to spark people’s interest*

Boy character thinking expression clipart


*Take some time to write down relevant hashtags you can continue to use daily in your notebook.#love #laugh #live #learn #suppport #loveyourself #makemoney #swagbucks #bossup

*Share your personal referral link on social media, through email and even by text.

*Collect yourself a list of possible people you want to talk to about your experiences.


*Collect a list of those who have sparked an interest and just need to see your check to be sold because these people are potential employees.


See someone struggling financially? Offer them an earning opportunity under you (perfect timing).


For every single referral, you sign up you will receive 500 Swagbucks and peace of mind knowing while you sleep you get 10% for life from what your referrals earn.

*Again log your referrals* Swagbucks keeps a list too so stay on top of your available Swagbucks and how much you have earned (always make sure its the same). *Never trust anyone when it comes to your money, always make sure you are not being cheated.

*Contact Swagbucks customer support by email should you have any problems with your money at any time. I will say they are very prompt in responding.

*This is your business so you should act as if you care about every Swagbuck coming in or going out*

I want to ensure the success of my referrals so I reach out by email to ask if they are doing ok and if they have additional questions or concerns. 



Many people need proof so I show them my earnings by request only.

I have been doing this for about three years now, so my earnings can intimidate someone just starting off and not earning as much. I like to gather birthdates and send out appreciation cards as I see fit.

I mean really, these people are making your dream come true so act as if you want them to continue to do so.

Nobody wants to work for nothing so if referrals are going to be your main focus then you need to be ready to offer incentives, support, and encouragement often.

Make your employees feel appreciated so they will want to continue to remain in your downline, offer contests and just get creative with it!

Encourage them to do referrals as well and you’ll be making money while you…..


In conclusion…………



you still with me?


You got this & once you believe that you should get started.

Download Swagbucks Here..xoxox


Please remember making money does not work if your spending it so just be mindful of trials, subscriptions, shopping, and sweepstakes.

*Never allow the thought of earning Swagbucks alone be the reason you do something because then it becomes pointless in hopes of making extra money.


People will laugh, make rude comments, and look down on you because they will feel like this is beneath them although it is not. The only thing beneath any one is pure lazyness…..

*This happens just the same when someone is working at McDonald’s vs Boeing*

These people are closed-minded to earning money and that will be their downfall because the possibilities are truly endless online if you are hungry enough….

As a form of stress relief…

I personally enjoy completing various tasks, watching videos, filling out surveys and more! It never feels like I’m working, ever!

Think carefully….. would you rather deal with life stressors as well as people under their terms to get ahead or fun things more often under your terms to get to the same destination?

I made a little over 1200 Swagbucks per hour which is like saying $12 per hour…not to shabby.


Unlike McDonald’s you have no time clock so you can work as long as you want and believe me it will show. You put in what you want to get out of it.

*This is not a get rich quick scheme nor am I selling you a dream. I am honestly telling you that you can pay your bills and some using Swagbucks points.

Keep in touch, I like to think we owe each other…

You have earned a break my friend. I really hope I have helped you with this post. Please feel free to leave comments and keep me posted on your thoughts, your achievements, and your success. We are on this path together my friend.

I can only provide you with the basics it is up to you to do the rest. I never promise any set amount because this will change from person to person, from day-to-day and from year to year. Follow my advice and you will see results.

Let us shake on it………

Businessmen shake hands vector style

Affiliate Lifestyle Blog Business Disclosure…

Build your credit then get your money back💯








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