Struggling with Time Management?


Manage your time online a little better every day with my *Struggle👑 Queen* “time management tips” below…..


Working from home is like letting a 2-year-old loose in a paint store…there is way too much to get into when nobody is watching.

  • You will have to discipline your mind and body to follow a routine
  • You will need a place free from distractions


You will benefit greatly from an app and some tips to better manage your social media time…

Click here for recommendations

Don’t get sucked in…..

*I personally work on my social media before bed so that I do not get tempted by the distractions involved with logging in and interacting with others.

Be honest with yourself! If you know you are too weak to get in and get out…..abort mission during a time you should be getting the bulk of your work done.

What I mean by this is if you are going to be interacting with Debbie from Oakland for 2 hours, responding to non-business messenger messages for 30 minutes and wasting precious time browsing your timeline for another hour….

stay away during the day!”


Think about how much time you plan on spending per online activity vs time to complete.  Create a daily time sheet to help you stay on track.


Do you plan on working 5 hours or 8?

Do you need to supplement your income or you need spending money here and there?

Answering these questions will help you track and adjust to the amount of income suited to your individual needs.

Start your day with a “to-do list” created by you *the night before*

  • Create a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for yourself that can be tweaked accordingly 
  • Multitask every chance you get
  • Reward yourself for completed goals
  • Do not even think about turning on the TV unless its Pandora playing in the background


Take an actual break, it does not necessarily need to be to eat but just to get up and allow your brain to relax and let us toast to your #success


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