Dissecting the Struggle

Not all of us were raised with love being the main focus in our parents lives. Many performed selfish acts and constantly placed us in harm’s way! I always wanted to know what made people do such hurtful things, stupid things, selfish things, inconsiderate things, hateful things, etc. Well, since the mind is such a compelling environment not set up to make company comfortable I had to compromise. I really don’t care how many psych docs examine a patient many times you get what they want you to understand and no more. I’m gonna try something different since I’m pretty sure the way my day be going, I have the words “PSYCHIATRIST” written on my forhead… lol I swear people just mouth vomit ever bad thing that’s happened to them & yes, I do listen.

“Dissecting the struggle” will mainly be helpful to the younger generation of ladies out here lost by telling them our story. Some young ladies out here are alone with no parents, are single parents, emotional, fed up already, and ready to take their lives. They are not alone, I just want them to know this. We make mistakes, we live, we learn, we educate ourselves, we experience things we have a hard time explaining. Why sit back & watch? If I can tell my stories to help one young lady avoid the consequences I made because nobody was there to tell me otherwise, well I’ll rest better at night.

So much bad going on I want people to know there are still good people who want to see others legitimately happy no strings attached.

Please if you have a story to share, or know of someone who would like to be a part of this let me know!! I will be doing a lot of community type interviews such as food banks, nursing homes, and shelters… “how has a struggle affected you & how did you overcome it?” This will be my main theme that I’ll focus on, my niche “the struggle.”😩

I really want to interview women who worked hard & now own businesses as well!! Our younger generation need to know it’s possible & how they can get started while they still have patience.

I will also buy homeless people on the corner meals to sit with me & tell their story. I will interview students who dropped outta school, pregnant teens, drug addicts, abusive kids, ungrateful kids, those on welfare, those with jobs struggling, etc. The point is, I will interview those who struggle on a daily basis yet they don’t give up, we may laugh & we may cry but in the end we will dissect every struggle and figure out just where we went wrong and then make it right!!! #bethechangeyouwanttosee

I’m excited to be doing my very first podcast I thank The Most High for sending me on this journey and since I know I’m protected this chic will enjoy the ride😎

My very first interview will be with a dear friend of mine who has 2 sweet boys a year apart but been through so much, so young. When I first met her she had so much anger in her heart and now, well let’s just say “time truly heals old wounds.” Today she’s working, going to school, and her sons are improving with their anger and in their spirit, her life is her 2 boys and it shows, and she is theirs💜💋 Coming this month to a YouTube near you…


10 reasons you struggle to keep New Years Resolutions…

New Year’s resolutions are simply brain teasers!

This image is just a decoration.
New Years Resolutions are brain teasers

Struggling every year to keep your New Years Resolution? What exactly is a New Year’s Resolution to you? I like to think it’s a promise to oneself to improve their lives in one way or another for the new year.

Don’t believe the hype people

My issue with it is it’s really a trick we play on the brain, not so much a resolution at all. Mind over matter, right? We tell ourselves we want to change for the better, yet we also plan a day in the future to do it on. The brain just does not work that way.

Change today not tomorrow

If you really want to act on a desire or thought you must do it when you’re the most motivated. How do you know if you’re the most motivated? The most motivated you will every be about something is at the time of excitement. The first initial thought. Well if you think it you can achieve it, right?

Thinking about the way the human brain works…

At the moment your mind is telling you to lose weight for example that is when you should start creating a plan and putting it into action. They say it takes about 30 days to break a habit or make a habit routine. Why would you wait until you are no longer motivated such as next week or next year? Why would you allow the brain to go on to its next thought without acting on the thought before?

What happens psychologically speaking is…

Your body falls back into the normal routine you have set for yourself prior to your great idea to change. When the New Year comes your motivation is just zapped, you waited way too long. Your mind forgot how very important your thoughts at the time were to you.

About that word…change

Change tends to stay around much longer when we are naturally more motivated & when the change is not intimidating. Starting with small goals while working up to one big goal is the way to change. The failure to act right away can mean the difference between you walking to your destination vs you being dragged against your will.

What I am struggling to say is…

Normally when you want to do something and your motivation is all the way there you don’t need any help. Once you wait you will need someone to pretty much drag you kicking and screaming to just complete one small step towards your every goal.

Too much thinking and not so much doing is the road to failure and I don’t think you want to go that way. It is what it is, we are just so busy doing things we don’t want to do, spending time with people we don’t want to be around, and helping others way more than we help ourselves. You guessed it, it’s called work. Many of us have to prepare ourselves to go out in the world and work a job that we don’t like at all, that preoccupies our time.

This year & every year after, ditch the resolution and just start. Let’s agree a New Year’s Resolution is an excuse to not start something right away. A form of procrastination at it’s best! For example “Ill pay you back when I get my income tax check” you know how people say that just to make you feel better, then they get that income tax check and forget you existed.

Ten reasons many people struggle to keep New Years Resolutions

  • Just thinking about the resolution is too stressful
  • Some people are seriously afraid of failure
  • You have not tried the resolution before so you have self-doubt
  • The resolution is too unrealistic
  • Many people are surrounded by negative unsupportive people
  • You need a partner to encourage and motivate you
  • Some just don’t follow through & give up way too easy
  • Realizing you can’t commit to the time required
  • Not enough money is a huge one
  • Not having a plan put into place is a major fail

Struggling to stay motivated?

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Negative Energy will feed on your soul until it’s completely destroyed!


Trust nobody & watch everybody👀

Ever feel like you been hurt by the people who swore to love & protect you? Negative energy is much more common to encounter than positive, sad I know.  Kinda like police brutality on innocent lives. People of color don’t like calling the police, being they ain’t really rooting for us. I don’t call my family because they ain’t rooting for me the way I do for them. Those closest to you are the ones who are able to hurt you the most. Betrail is hurtful, embarrasing, and down right wrong nomatter who it comes from.

Family & friends be disguised as snakes and rats these days…

You need them the most, always been there for them, pray for them every night yet they don’t pick up when you call. You try to stay positive but the negative energy they direct your way is to strong. You see they just went on a shopping spree as it’s all over Facebook yet you just asked for some serious financial help.  Instead, they talk down on you to the rest of the family. Life happens to the best of us and when it does you expect those you love and trust to be a positive influence.

I’ll be the first to tell you it is an extremelly gut-wrenching feeling! Good thing my mom hurt me before anybody else could so I got that bounce back!  I also forgive them to allow myself to heal but will always remember that negative mentality they showed me everyday. I tell them to keep that same energy as I enjoy my blessings…period!

My brother and my kids are the only people I know who wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. You see they watched me first hand become one with the struggle. They also had front row seats as I sacrificed & endured so much pain just to see them smile.

Don’t blame the struggle…

So again, the struggle didn’t make me cold those people who turned on me did, don’t get your feelings twisted. Like I always say “the struggle love everybody” it’s that fake love that’ll mess your mind up if you allow it to. Negative energy is out here causing people to hate,  be envious, steal, cheat, etc. Today I embrace my struggles they made me aware, strong, and an overachiever. I believe nothing people tell me and trust no man. I do my own research and trusting only myself has gotten me a further distance than anybody I ever met has. When you find what works for you and has helped you reach your goals, stick with it.

This is why I’m here to let you know you don’t need them, blood or not if they’re stressing you best believe its depressing you! Move past it and love them from a distance.

#selflove over all love❣

Feeling “used” lately?

Life already shoots its shots so miss me with your bs…🙄


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