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Take a unhealthy recipe & make it your own<img src="" alt="🤤" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />


Recipe’s are templates meant to change however you see fit…

I enjoy cooking for my family and the smiles and laughter involved fills my soul! Recipe’s are a great way to experiment with food. The choices you make are entirely up to you but I encourage you to find recipes you can change up according to your lifestyle!

I’m a rebel I do as I please

Who made the person who posted the recipe  the boss? Nobody they’re just sharing with you something they made and thought was delicious your taste buds may not agree or you may have to tweak it according to a healthy lifestyle.

Work with me here…

A vegan can make vegan cheese for this, get a healthier bread or make their own, omit the sour cream, a meat lover can incorporate a little meat and so on. Please feel free to tell me how you changed this recipe to benefit your body. The combination in this meal creates a feeling of fullness and if you eat it, it should be all you eat the entire day! This is all your body needs and one piece not 6!

Eat to heal not to kill More recipies to come cause this is fun

Rewire your brain to achieve weightloss goals.