The reason your constantly yelling at your kids.


Back to your school days…👌🏽

Do you remember being in middle school trying to keep up with your homework? Your trying to get to class on time by using your daily schedule list. Then the grades gotta be good.😩 Remember the teachers would cram a lot of info in your brain in such a short amount of time. Remember you would attempt to use your free time in study hall to finish homework so you had somewhat of a social life outside the school.😒

Think about it…

We had teachers, bell’s, and a time clock to keep us on task, yet still some of us struggled.🤷🏾‍♀️ Many people were in a school mixed with people from different backgrounds teachers included. This in itself makes it hard sometimes to focus on what your supposed to be doing due to miscommunication.

Tired of repeating yourself everyday?

We forget kids have short attention spans & selective hearing.🙄 I have my children stick to a steady schedule and it makes all our lives easier! They need to have something to refer to in order to remember everything we ask them to do daily, so annoying I know.

I can’t lie though I have a daily to do list at all times because I would never remember everything. No more repeating myself and no more getting angry because the kids forgot simple tasks you’ve drilled in their heads a million bazillion times for years…smh

Interior Design is just my thing!

One day I’m just sitting there looking at the mess my daughters left in the bathroom!😳 I thought to myself enough is enough period. I refuse to live my life in chaos while my little penny pinchers just go about there what in the section 8 and hurricane Katrina business!

I went to my local dollar store and purchased 6 picture frames. You can also get real crafty & do a design around the frame. *super cute*

I went home & typed up a to do list for the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. This is different from chores these are just the basic commen scense stuff they always saying they forgot to do.🤬

My list consisted of….


  • Wash hands after using the bathroom, yes you “I include there names”
  • Clean tub after showering/bathing “I don’t care if you don’t see the dirt, I do!”
  • Brush your teeth/floss/mouthwash/lotion/deodorant/ vasaline on those crusty lips🤦🏾‍♀️ & if you took it out then put it back.
  • Clean toilet seat with wipes after every use, don’t flush put them in the trash
  • Speaking of trash make sure it’s not overflowing if so change it!
  • Clean out the sink when your done.
  • Wash the mirror if you can’t hold the toothpaste in your mouth so it’s not splattering…you did it so you clean it.
  • Fix all rugs
  • Make sure the toilet paper holder has toilet paper & it’s on the roller and not the sink.
  • Girls take the broom & sweep if you got hair everywhere then use a clean wipe
  • Left any fingerprints on my wall? Look around & get it off if you see it.

Mommy loves you thanks for cleaning up your mess now take one final glance just to be sure you didn’t leave any messes for me to clean…xoxoxo

Repeat then frame them…

Tailor your lists to your life & mention the child you know does certain things, they will be more accepting of being careful. Nobody wants called out whether inside the house or outside. You can also do chore lists this way if everybody keeps their same chores daily or you can switch photo frames to switch it up for them. The chore frame would go in each child’s room hung up on the wall then they can’t say “I forgot” “you didn’t tell me to do that” blah blah blah🙄


Additional Ideas😏


Amazon got you for all your stay on track events happening this school year, especially for the “working mom”🥺

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