They lied fasting cures cancer…


All the lies for the love of money!!

Do you really truly believe anybody trying to make a profit of you has your best interest at heart?? I’m talking pharmaceutical companies, the food & drug administration, the media, they all be lying through they teeth. Money isn’t the root of all evil it’s the love of money!! Money causes people to turn satanic I know you’ve seen it!

As a nurse I knew better!

When I was diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumor and only given 6 months to live I said “the devil is a lie.” That was two years ago…If you know of anybody struggling with cancer please do share this post! People need to know there is hope…I’m not telling you to not listen to your doctor but what I am telling you is they are not being 100% honest about treatment options. Do you know how much money chemotherapy brings in??! Read more about that here…

Allow me to tell you my story…


How I cured a stage 3 brain tumor


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