Too many ways to Hustle to be claiming broke status…



I possess a special kinda hustle protein that pumps from my heart to my veins….always have….and always will!

So tell me can you work a computer, phone or tablet?👀 If not click right here…

With technology upgrading faster than the blink of an eye, ways to make ching-ching sounds should be going off in your head all day before a bill ever goes unpaid!

Ready to watch a magic trick? 🧙‍♂️

One thing I refuse to do is worry about the all mighty dollar when it is just being thrown around so loosely online these days. Go see for yourself!

Open up your web browser and *Google*, *ask Siri*, *Alexa*… (whatever it is that you do to save time) type in “ways to make money online”, next hit the enter button and abracadabra prepare to be amazed. DO YOU SEE THAT???

For example…



Be creative and watch the money pile up

Now get back here…..see what I mean it’s limitless and if you are creative you can shut the entire game down with a couple of clicks, a download and 1 to 3 hours of your time per day. I personally do more so I can take days off during the week, I am a mom first (this is all depending on what you are doing to earn money, adjust as you see fit).

Live and Learn💯

When I turned 16 I started doing online surveys only to get so frustrated because I was not organized at all! I have learned so much from the time I was 16 to fast forward today (do not worry about my age! lol). The point I am trying to make is I have made way more errors, lost money, time…more than I would like to admit to that’s for sure!! Your welcome in advance just step your hustle game up because simply put I’m no longer struggling with how it all works anymore! I am now in a position to teach.

Yes you can…..Yes, you can…Yeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss you can!!!

You can do anything you put your mind to so keep that on your brains frontal lobe first and foremost at all times during your journey. You will get discouraged as in any business. Do not allow negativity to live in your heart or mind and to be quite frank those negative nellies in your ear may have to kick rocks as well, they gonna need you before you need them (sorry not sorry)! Check this out right here…

Now, where was I??? O yea…

I will be giving you many different ways and ideas to earn extra money on my upcoming posts (only things I have personally done). The rest will be up to you because after you read this post I can not babysit you, you will have to take action on your own.

Yes, I will be here to give advice on any issues or questions you may have on anything I have recommended to you. Not everyone has the patience to do this regularly or full time so if that is you I suggest you go out and get another job to supplement, do not wait until your drowning in debt.

Check out

*I personally have fun earning money so it never feels like actual work I’m being forced to do to survive*

Positives of hustling online…🤔

  • No coworkers to irritate your soul (you control your environment)
  • No time clock to punch
  • No dress code
  • No boss
  • No sitting in traffic
  • No childcare, you get to raise your own kids😍
  • No need to keep rescheduling appointments due to the demands of your job

Over it and not looking back😩

I can keep going but don’t feel the need to do so….what I suggest you do is write down the benefits of working online and the negatives. Once your list is complete sit-down and see what makes the most sense in your current situation.

I started really getting into this more importantly because I wasn’t able to see my kids enough. I would be leaving for work before they wake in the am and be home way after bedtime. My oldest daughter was playing mom and loosing out on a childhood, messing up in school and I couldn’t do very much because you guessed it…bills come whether you are working or not!😒


I was young with no support system so one day I said there has got to be a way to be the mother I have always wanted to be from the time of conception.
Got it!

They gonna want this autograph one day😏

My coworkers use to laugh because I had a “make money binder” with all my side jobs instruction sheets in it…lol I was always trying to come up with new inventions only to find out I wasn’t the first to think of it..ugh

Do you have an idea for an invention?  

Click right here to tell somebody & step up your hustle game!

So many people would ask me about my side gigs but never followed through, like I said its not for everybody so I get it.

In conclusion 😁

Just to wrap this up beautiful people, change starts in your mind and sprouts from there. I give you the address and it is your job to arrive at the location. 😉

I’ll prepare a meal but you make your plate.

Please be open-minded regarding any of my suggestions because success doesn’t thrive well in closed off places; it needs support, motivation, and most importantly an open mind to grow! Once you can say you truly tried and it is absolutely not for you then you can move on knowing you really gave it your best shot…but it wasn’t the right environment for your success to expand.

Leave this to marinade on your mind…

Would you tell your kids to give up?

They are watching whether you think so or not…

kids are very intelligent



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    1. Struggle Queen 👑 – I am a fun loving, motivated type of woman. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing was ever just given to me. I am an LPN /medical assistant who is just tired of being unappreciated. I love helping others but would like it to be on my terms and what I'm most passionate about. I enjoy making money online, researching the body and how it works, shopping and spending time with my family. I have an associate's in nutrition and it's truly my passion! I am also very excited about a new program I'm starting to teach kids how to run a successful online business from home. I am of course starting with my very own kids, then from there I will have it on my site available for purchase. You guessed it, I'm no different than you. Not everyone can talk so passionately about a topic in such a way that others just stop and listen. I must have psychiatrist written on my forehead because people see me coming and just pour out their inner soul. I am just fine with that because I am the face of support, encouragement, laughter, and love. Thank you for all your support as I leap into this online world journey!

      Thank you so very much Keishjuan I really appreciate that!

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