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Certified Health/Nutrition Coach

I have been in the medical field since I was 18, it’s literally all I know. I have worked hand and hand with doctors and believe me, they would be completely lost without us…hahah I am a certified medical assistant, licensed nurse, I have my diploma in nutrition & blogging. I also have a diploma in aromatherapy.

I recently wrote my first book Fasting 4 Life after curing cancer naturally, with no chemo or radiation. I really look forward to helping people fast to cure disease, fast to cure obesity, fast to cure mental health, diabetes, viruses, fungal infection, etc..

Each person is different and we were made by a higher power. Did you know each of the 22 amino acids in our bodies make up the Hebrew alphabet? That is Torah, or as many know as the old testament.

The garden of Eden is the female body Moses was describing in poetry form. I wrote a book about it.

So you see, I heal differently. I understand some people have differences of opinion but if I can help you as a health coach, does it really matter how I do it? I know fasting can be difficult at first so I’ve created my own organic aromatherapy products to assist those struggling.

If I can show you how and why you are having the symptoms you’re having, then together we come up with a solution that works for you “almost like a holistic prescription”, would you be a believer then? Well, we will never know if you don’t contact me for all your health coaching needs…xoxo

I truly look forward to helping you heal your mind, body, and spirit as a whole. That is the way to curing disease and any other weapon formed against you that has prospered due to the abuse of the temple “the body.”

I actually have a boutique as well that teaches one to lovethyselfoffensively.

Check it out at

I also have another boutique on Esty called “Real Talk Boutique” that focuses on scripture “the bread of life.”

My specialties
-Create individualized nutrition health plans
-Create 3 day reboot fasting health sessions to cure disease
-Support, Encouragement, goal planning
-Aromatherapy holistic prescriptions

When in doubt I read the scriptures and there are plenty that say fasting is the cure…I enclosed a copy for you to download.

Fasting Scriptures

Will get back to you within 24 hours, thank you for your support and for considering me for your health coaching needs.