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Your not immune from a *struggle* sorry….


So you heard Kayla got divorced and Kara lost her job cause her baby daddy left and she couldn’t afford childcare!

Guurrllll Latisha was ubering it on Friday…what happened to that nice car she had? 

Malaysia was spotted on the bus this am can you believe it! 

Dave and Tyquan gettin high on their own supply!

In case you Heard it Here First Folks *we all struggling in some way* so stop talking down on each other

 I’m just starting my blogging journey but I genuinely am honestly looking forward to the adventures it takes me on! 

People are always asking me …what I do to earn an extra income, or how I did certain D.I.Y. projects, how I cured my cancer, how I lost weight Ect. Ect.

I am a people person all day and love supporting and encouraging others achievements so this should be right up my ally…..

Daily Struggles are all around us and some examples are…..

Struggling isn’t racist, struggling isn’t patient, loving, forgiving none of that so you can’t avoid it in life.  You can take it up 10 notches from trashy to classy don’t get me wrong.

There are people struggling and too ignorant to even know… so yes this is more serious than society wants to admit.

Good thing I am willing to be the *worlds* struggle queen

I’m saying struggling can be done hood style or White House style

I prefer “White House Style” BT *Before Trump* so prepare to be wowed as I struggle ever so irresistibly and share my experiences with the world….stay tuned your not gonna wanna miss a sizzling second!

*Relax now your with me & I got us*